India’s First Successful Liver Transplant Post COVID Recovery

After 17 years of Chronic Liver Disease, numerous hospitalisations, end-stage liver failure and COVID 19 infection, 22-year-old undergoes successful liver transplant at Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital.

A 22-year-old man from Mumbai underwent a lifesaving live liver transplant surgery after recovering from COVID 19 at Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital (NSSH), Mumbai.

Roshan Gurav a patient of Chronic Liver Disease for the past 17 years, received a new lease of life as his mother donated 50% of her healthy liver to him.

The landmark surgery, performed by Dr. Ankur Garg, Head & Senior Consultant, HPB Surgery & Liver transplant, and his team, is soon to be published in a reputed medical journal.

The case may address the absence of medical literature on surgical protocols, guidelines, and possible post-surgical complications for liver transplants in patients with a recent history of COVID 19 recovery. 

The recipient, Roshan, had been suffering from Chronic Liver Disease since the age of five years. As his Model for End-stage Liver Disease (MELD) scores (a global clinical analysis system to predict the survival period of liver failure patient) was over 35, a further delay could cause sharp deterioration of his liver functions and affect his life expectancy.

Dr. Ankur Garg said, “Unlike kidney failure, where therapeutic options such as dialysis are available, the transplant was the only solution for end-stage liver failure. We counseled the family and the patient’s mother was clinically compatible to donate a part of her liver.”

However, the transplant surgery hit a major roadblock as Roshan was detected with COVID 19 during the pre-admission screening. As per the organ transplant protocols, the surgery was postponed by six weeks. 

Dr. Vaibhaw Kumar, consultant, HPB surgery, and liver transplant said, “As Roshan bravely fought off the infection, we medically managed his liver complications with optimized immunosuppressants and antibiotics. Despite the chronic co-morbidities, he recovered within a week.”

A repeat exhaustive medical screening was done for the donor and recipient before he underwent the much-awaited transplant surgery. The duo had an uneventful recovery and was discharged within two weeks.

 “The successful surgery and recovery of donor and recipient have proved the importance of good infection control protocols in the management of immune-compromised patients amidst the pandemic. We have performed six Non-COVID live liver transplants—in patients with MELD score over 35 (three-month mortality over 20%), who could’ve succumbed if we waited for the pandemic to get over,” said Dr. Garg.

Rashmi, Roshan’s mother, and the liver donor were both relieved and excited post the surgery.

“Roshan’s liver problems, causing frequent bouts of jaundice, stomach pain, vomiting, and abdominal fluid accumulation have haunted him for 15-16 years. He was always good at studies and loved painting but couldn’t follow his ambition due to health complications. Now he can lead a normal life, thanks to the team of doctors and nurses of Nanavati Hospital,” she said. 

Ms. Vandana Pakle, Managing Director, Nanavati Hospital congratulated the Liver Transplant team on the achievement. “We can save lives if only the patients visit the hospitals in time. Our quaternary care services have handled numerous Non-COVID emergencies during the pandemic despite unforeseen circumstances. With the amalgamation of clinical expertise and technological resources, we stay committed to our lifesaving mission,” said Ms. Pakle.  

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