India’s First Health ATM Launched

For the early diagnosis of heart health risk factors

Amid the rising incidence of heart failure in India, India’s first-of-its-kind Health ATM screening developed by India Health Link (IHL) for early diagnosis of heart health risk factors was launched. The IHLs Fitness Station/Health Kiosk/Health ATM is a non-invasive digitally integrated PHYGITAL (Physical+Digital) ecosystem, connecting Primary, Preventive and Predictive Healthcare. Over 50 doctors got tested for 22 vitals in less than 5 minutes and showed a sense of satisfaction, appreciating its handy features that deliver the test report at the spur of the moment.

Founder & CEO of India Health Link (IHL), Dr Satyender Goel says, “The incidence of heart attacks in India is increasing and preventive measures in terms of the unique Health ATM is in place, which is instrumental in preventive heart health care. The Health ATM is a self-service ATM size health station, which is capable of screening (22) essential vital parameters including key parameters like Blood Pressure, Temperature, Body Mass Composition, Pulse, SPO2, and ECG, without any paramedic assistance. These key parameters are the leading reasons for heart failure and heart attacks. But the features of the health ATM brought by IHL have the technical acumen that indicates the upcoming metabolic disorders, which can be diagnosed and prevented early. The Health ATM is supposed to serve as preventive care in the long run”.

Dr Viveka Kumar, President, IMA NDB and Senior Consultant, Cardiologist and Director at Max Heart and Vascular Institute, New Delhi threw light and said, “The power and promise of ARNI for the reduction in the heart failure hospitalization, and reduction on the severity and worsening of heart failure is immense. And there is the need for device therapy and other interventions that may reduce if timely titrated ARNI therapy is instituted.”

Dr H.K. Chopra, Chief Advisor, NHFC-2022, National Awardee, Science & Technological Communications, Past President, Cardiological Society of India, Senior Consultant Cardiologist, Medanta Moolchand, Heart Institute said, “There is a need for timely NT pro-BNP and Echocardiographic evaluation in heart failure patients as they are the cornerstone of management. The SGLT2i reduces the need for diuretics, and mechanical and surgical intervention and helps in the reversal of morphological and functional remodelling of the heart, thereby increasing survival. Short term and long-term mortality benefits are documented throughout the world about timely intervention with ARNI and SGLT2i in Heart Failure.”

IMA NDB organised National Heart Failure Conclave-2022 and to discuss the evolution of revolutionary pillars of medication for heart failure and device therapy Over 200 eminent doctors/cardiologists from Delhi/NCR attended the conclave and deliberated on different aspects of preventive heart care. More than 500 delegates from different parts of India participated in the scientific deliberations and crystalize the future guidelines to reduce heart failure inflicted morbidity and mortality besides enhancing massive awareness at the national level on the control of hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidemia, CKD, Obesity and atrial fibrillation IMA NDB shortly launching Heart Failure Prevention App in the public interest.

The Guests of Honour included Dr Arun Gupta, President, DMC, Dr. Vinay Aggarwal, Past President, IMA, Dr. Ashwini Dalmiya, President, DMA, Dr. Girish Tyagi, Secretary DMC, Dr I.P.S. Kalra, Past President, IMA NDB. Other eminent faculty included Dr Vipul Gupta, Dr Subhash Chandra, Dr G.K. Mani, Dr Praveen Chandra, Dr K. Bhargava, Dr T.S. Kler, Dr Vanita Arora, Dr Anil Saxena, Dr S. Ramakrishnan, Dr Rahul Chandola, Dr Nidhi Dhawan. 

One thing that came out during the discussion at the conclave was that ARNI and SGLT2i mitigate the severity, and reduce mortality in heart failure cases.

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