Increase Immunity With Vedas Cure Immunity Boosters

Ayurvedic Bhasma is useful for physical and mental growth; it is also even good for the reproductive system of the body.

Vedas Cure

As the world seeks to find a cure for Covid-19, improving the body’s immune system will help mitigate the disease’s impact and accelerate recovery. Herbs like tulsi, cinnamon, black pepper, dry ginger, and raisins can improve the body’s immunity to viruses.

Also, a sound immune system can assist recovery from coronavirus infection. Ayurveda is the best remedy that humankind can employ to fight novel coronavirus horrors in the current situation.

The ayurvedic herbs aid in developing proteins and antibodies that help generate an immune response to viruses and the rate of phagocytosis, which helps destroy microorganisms, improving immunity against viral infections. The idea is that if you don’t have a powerful arm to defend yourself with, a solid and reliable shield is your best option. Vedas Cure has come up with some products that will lead to a robust immune system.

Vedas Intimate Power is a powerful herbal composition to enhance the immunity power naturally; it contains herbs such as jaiphal, mulethi, lobaan, shudh shilajit, abrak bhasma, vanshlocahn, ayurvedic bhasma, etc.

Ayurvedic Bhasma is useful for physical and mental growth; it is also even good for the reproductive system of the body. Vanshlochan is beneficial because of its strengthening action and adaptogenic properties. The main content of Vanshlochan is silica (Silicon dioxide), which is an essential element for bones, ligaments, tendons, and skin. The properties of Shilajit are known for centuries for its health benefits.

It helps provide strength to the bones; it is also good for stress, anxiety, and mood swings. Shilajit is also effective in all kinds of infertilities related problems. Ashwagandha contains chemicals that help calm the brain, reduce swelling (inflammation), lower blood pressure, and alter the immune system. There are 18 such herbs used in the composition of Vedas Intimate Power that will improve immunity.

Another product is Ashwagandha Vati, which effectively treats insomnia and discomfort; it reduces blood sugar levels, helps tackle stress and anxiety, improves fertility in men, and improves memory. Regular use of the product helps increase the inner strength of the body along with providing a mental boost.
Last but not least, Amrit Shigru Vati product by Vedas Cure contains Moringa leaf and bark. Moringa is an anti-oxidant herb that protects the body from infections. Moringa leaves, and bark powder is good for the heart and reduces high blood pressure level. Moringa leaves are also effective in bronchitis, eye and ear infections, and inflammation of the mucus membrane.
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