IMA furious as NMC Bill passed in Lok Sabha

Calls for boycott of non-essential services on Wednesday 

Indian Medical Association (IMA) has expressed anger over the fate of National Medical Commission (NMC) Bill in the Lok Sabha.

 ‘Draconian’ provision of NMC Bill

The IMA National President Dr Santanu Sen said the democratic lower house has dumped healthcare and medical education of this country into darkness by approving undemocratic National Medical Commission Bill 2019 which is ‘draconian’ in nature.
He said the association has called for 24 hours withdrawal of services on Wednesday (July 31).
Dr Sen said that Section 32 of the NMC Bill provides for licensing of 3. 5 lakhs unqualified non-medical persons to practise modern medicine.
“The term Community Health Provider has been vaguely defined to allow anyone connected with modern medicine to get registered in NMC and be licensed to practise modern medicine. This would mean that all paramedics including pharmacists , nurses, physiotherapists, optometrists and others are becoming eligible to practise modern medicine and prescribe independently. This law legalises quackery,” he said.

NMC Bill unacceptable

The IMA’s National President elect Dr Rajan Sharma said the provision and the earlier objected provisions can never be accepted by the medical fraternity of the country.
“The mess created by the Bill regarding the examinations affecting the career generations of medical students can not be condoned. The numerous other inconsistencies in the Bill will seriously affect the Health of the nation,” Dr Sharma said.

IMA rejects NMC Bill 2019 in toto.

Chairman of IMA’s action Committee, Dr A Marthanda Pillai said that they reviewed the situation yesterday night and it has been decided to call for 24 hours withdrawal of non-essential services across the nation by modern medicine doctors from 6 am on Wednesday (July 31) till 6 am the next day ie. Thursday (August 1).
“Emergency, Casualty, ICU and related services will function normally,” he said.
Dr Pillai said that Public demonstrations and hunger strikes will be organised by all the state and local branches.
“All the members of the modern medical fraternity are requested to participate. All the medical students are requested to boycott classes and proclaim solidarity.

The stir against NMC to continue

Honorary Secretary General of IMA Dr R V Asokan said the doctors associated with the association will never allow licensing unqualified non-medical persons to kill the patients.
“We will never allow our mothers and children die in thousands for ever due to this Black Law. IMA baptised in the freedom struggle of the nation rises to protect our patients and the Health of the nation,” he said.
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