IMA Condemns Violence on Doctors, Nurses in JNU

New Delhi, January 7-IMA condemns mindless violence on doctors and nurses who rushed to treat the injured in JNU, Delhi. The situation smacks of total anarchy and breakdown of all law and order is complete.

If doctors and nurses are not safe it the capital of the country, i speaks about the governance and lack of it. Time has come for the medical fraternity on device its own arrangements for self defence.

How does it reflect on the nation if it cannot protect its doctors and nurses reaching out to the injured? Is his a civil war? What is the message that goes out to the world?

IMA points out to the conscious decision of the home ministry to block the central law against violence on doctors and hospitals? We wish the concerns of the home ministry were bonafide given the nature of the violence thaat ha happened in the capital inside the most prestigious JNU.

IMA reiterates its stand that doctors and nurses have the right of way to treat the injured and everyone has the right to life and access to care. IMAHQ directs its Delhi state branch DMA to react strongly and take appropriate action in this regard.

IMA demands that Union Ministry to condemn the event and ensure the safety and security of doctors and nurses who reach out to the injured and wounded.

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