ICPA Health Products Ltd Enters 50th Year

Leaders in the dental segment in india, icpa aims to increase reach in the overseas markets over the next decade

ICPA Health Products Ltd (ICPA), India’s leading Pharma Company in the oral healthcare segment has entered its 50th year on the 27th of last month. Founded on 27th August 1972 by Mr Rohit Mehta its Managing Director, ICPA currently ranks in the top 100 Pharmaceutical companies in India. It also is India’s second-largest company in the dental segment and enjoys the franchise of around 70 per cent of India’s dental surgeons in the country. With globally recognized brands like Hexidine and Thermoseal, ICPA has carved out a niche for itself in the domestic and international markets. Over the next decade, the company aims to consolidate its business and reach a wider market to establish itself as global leaders in the oral health segment.

“Fifty years is a landmark achievement. ICPA Health Products has come a long way from its humble beginnings to becoming one of the most respected brands in the Pharma sector. Forty nine years ago, the company started off with a modest product portfolio which included cough syrup, vitamins and minerals, and anti-haemorrhoids. Today, it has expanded to include over fifty-six products across dental, dermatology, haemorrhoids, ENT and FMCG segments. We are India’s second largest company in the dental segment and rank in the top 100 pharma companies in India. From here, we will look at consolidating our business and ramp up production to meet the growing needs of the markets in the country and abroad,” says Mr Rohit Mehta.

As part of its immediate future plans, the company aims to gain a stronger foothold in the geriatric segment while parallelly expanding its market presence in dermatology and ENT segments. The company has recently also doubled its ointment manufacturing capacity to meet the increased demand for its products in the international markets.

“ICPA enjoys 14 per cent of the market share of the INR 1,050 crores prescription based Indian dental market. We have international presence in over eighteen countries across South-East Asia, Middle-East, UK, Australia and French West Africa. We have already expanded our ointment manufacturing capacity from 45,000 units per day to 75,000 units per day to accommodate the rising demand from both the domestic and international markets. Going ahead, our focus will be on our geriatric line of products for the senior consumer market in the pharma segment,” says Ms Abha Damani, Director, ICPA.

ICPA is the pioneer in Strontium Chloride segment to introduce its toothpaste with this formulation in 1974. In 1980, the chlorhexidine molecule was introduced by ICPA in India through Hexidine. Today, Hexidine and Thermoseal are the company’s most well-known brands which are prescribed by most dentists across the world.

“We are looking to expand market presence in the dermatology and ENT segments. In the FMCG segment too, we have an array of products in perfumes, sanitizers, hand washes, disinfectants and soaps, among others which we plan to market through e-tailing. We have been growing at over 15 per cent growth rate over the last decade. We anticipate a growth rate of around 25 per cent to become a 200 crores company over the next 5 years,” concludes Ms Damani.

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