ICMR Study Shows 9.99% Fully Vaccinated People Needed Hospital Admission, On Breakthrough Infection In Odisha

Over 274 people in Odisha showed that only 27 (9.9%) of fully vaccinated people required hospital admissions, showed the study.

A recent primary report on breakthrough infections based on 361 small sample sizes were collected by “passive and voluntary” reported from healthcare centers in Odisha, found 274 people had contracted Covid-19 infections even after being fully vaccinated. The 14-day window post full vaccination was also completed by these 274 individuals by which time antibodies are expected to develop.

Over 274 people in Odisha showed that only 27 (9.9%) of fully vaccinated people required hospital admissions, showed the study.

However, a study conducted by ICMR shows that “Over 83.2% of individuals were found to be symptomatic with 9.9% of them required hospitalization.”

A vaccine breakthrough infection is defined as the detection of coronavirus from a person 14 days after recommended doses of an approved COVID-19 vaccine. Meanwhile, it was highlighted in the study that one person died who were among the ones who were hospitalised, patients. To monitor the emergence of any vaccine leakage variants and to plan the next steps in the coronavirus is also pointed out in the study for the further need for the systematic data capture for the breakthrough infections.

To understand the link between clinical protection and measured immunity against COVID 19 infection, vaccine development is done. A significant difference in seropositivity among both vaccines was also noted in the study.

The study read, “a total of 258 (94.2%) individuals were found to be positive for COVID IgG antibodies against spike protein. There were significant differences in seropositivity between Covaxin (77.1%) and Covishield (96.7%). Recipients of Covishield showed higher median titre values than Covaxin among the reported cases which were statistically significant.”

The research group reported that the Covishield recorded higher seropositivity as well as the antibodies in comparison to the Covaxin doses.

The passive and voluntary reporting was conducted at various healthcare facilities from different districts of Odisha was found in research in the breakthrough infection.

However, overall, 361 samples were collected for the study… the research was continued with 274 subjects as the rest of the participants were either found not fully vaccinated or contracted the Covid-19 infection within 14 days of taking the second dose of vaccine.

“Firstly the number of documented COVID-19 vaccination breakthrough cases may be a significantly underestimated of all COVID19 infections among fully vaccinated persons…..secondly the data is based on passive and voluntary reporting of individual, and might not be a complete representation of breakthrough cases as a most asymptomatic individual or with mild illness post-vaccination might have not got tested,” it added.

However, the study also highlights that it some limitations

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