‘I Gained 7 Kgs Post My Covid Recovery’: Rubina Dilaik, here’s 5 Things She Did While Recovering From Covid-19

TV actor Rubina Dilaik, who contracted Covid in May this year has recently revealed that she gained seven kilos post Covid recovery.

TV actor Rubina Dilaik, who contracted Covid in May this year has recently revealed that she gained seven kilos post Covid recovery.

Recently in an Instagram post, she expressed how the weight gain impacted her self-confidence. “I gained 7kgs post my Covid recovery which made me really uncomfortable and low on confidence!” The 34-year-old actor added that she “struggled hard” to get back to her “usual 50” kgs.

The Bigg Boss 14 winner said that the journey, however, taught her to love herself despite how her body looks. “[I am] learning to love myself again after realising, a perfect, lean body doesn’t define who I am,” she wrote alongside pictures of her wearing a beige Aarti Mahtani gown, featuring intricate embroidery.

Addressing fans, Rubina added, “Weight is all about having your health first and not your looks…Be kind to your body.”

Earlier, the 34-year-old actor also shared glimpses of her exercise routine, including a couples workout with husband Abhinav Shukla. Take a look:

Rubina Dilaik Shares 5 Things She Did While Recovering From Covid-19

Bigg Boss 14 winner and actor Rubina Dilaik tested positive for Covid-19 in the month of May and since then she has been sharing her journey of recovery with her fans.

Recently, the television star shared her video on her Youtube channel talking about the Covid-19 symptoms that she experienced during her quarantine days and the things she does daily to fight the virus.

She announced the news of her diagnosis with Covid-19 on May 1 and since then she has been staying at her house in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. After being quarantined for more than 19 days, the actress posted a video on Instagram on Wednesday in which she is seen talking about the 5 most important things that she did that helped her in speedy recovery.

In her Instagram post she wrote, “I quarantined for more than 19 days. But these are 5 things I did to help me speed up my recovery. Most important is to listen to your favourite music and be happy.”

Here are the five things that Rubina Dilaik did while battling Covid-19:

Eat healthy                             

Rubina said that she ate healthy while fighting the virus and it is very important to maintain a healthy diet before, during and after Covid-19 infection in order to keep the immune system strong to battle the deadly virus. Hence, a nutritious diet that is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals helps in speedy recovery and in rebuilding the immunity.

Stay hydrated

It is very essential to stay hydrated not only during Covid-19.  It is important to drink fluids in proper amount to boost your body’s ability to fight the virus even if you are not thirsty as it helps you to build up your immune system. When we are sick our body tends to lose water in the form of mucus, it actually helps to remove the disease-causing germs. Medicines you take to fight the symptoms of any viral infection can cause dryness in the body. Therefore, it is recommended that we should drink enough water to stay hydrated during the Covid-19 recovery period.

Practise yoga

Practicing Yoga is quite essential for Covid patients as they tend to experience low oxygen levels and therefore experts suggest to do yoga on regular basis in order to keep their lungs healthy.

Anulom viyom pranayam is found to be effective in expanding the lungs and improving the oxygen levels. According to Yoga experts, practicing Yoga also helps in alleviating the fear and anxiety among patients that resulted in easy recovery.

Took medications on time

According to the health ministry’s revised guidelines, patients in home isolation must be in communication with a treating physician and promptly report in case of any severe condition. If the oxygen level dips down to 94 percent, a patient should get admitted to a hospital at the earliest and the prescribed medications must be taken in the proper amount and at the right time.

Listen to music                            

Rubina Dilaik said listening to her favorite music kept her going and happy during her quarantine period. According to research, it has been seen that patients with a wide range of medical conditions benefit from listening to music.

During, or after a surgical procedure, listening to music is known to significantly reduce pain and anxiety among patients.

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