‘I am and I will’- Max Healthcare Enthuses Fighting Spirit Amongst Cancer Survivors

Healthwire Bureau

New Delhi, Februay 2: Cancer is emerging as the biggest killer and a significant health problem with incidence expected to double every 20 years.

Cancer accounts for over 6 per cent of total deaths and currently there are 125 cancer patients per 1, 00,000 population.

In such a scenario, it is imperative that cancer should be dealt with in a mission mode and healthcare institutions need to spread the awareness for prevention and early diagnosis of the disease
“Recent data shows that developing countries are facing a sharp increase in cancer incidence. But at the same time, there have been numerous advancements in cancer care,” says Dr. Harit Chaturvedi, Chairman, Max Institute of Cancer Care. Majority of our population is not able to avail the benefits of these developments due to sheer lack of knowledge and myths associated with the subject.”

Dr Chaturvedi adds that Max Healthcare is striving to bridge this gap by spreading awareness about the importance of early detection. “In the recent past, the fusion of sciences has offered new solutions for better diagnostics and enhanced understanding of tumor biology,” he adds.

Max Healthcare has a concept of formation of Disease Management Groups (DMG). Each DMG has doctors from all specialities who focus on a particular group of organs such as Head and Neck, Breast , Gastrointestinal, Hematolyphoid DMG etc. In this way, they are able to bring high level of expertise in patient care and improve clinical outcomes while contributing to cutting edge research. For example, the Hematolyphoid DMG has performed more than 500 Bone Marrow Transplants in the last decade including autologous and allogeneic transplants.

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