How To Accept Loneliness And Reinvent Yourself?

Loneliness has its own merit. Isolation can make you understand a deeper understanding of yourselves and how to live better ultimately.

Sometimes, we all feel lonely. Loneliness is a phase which comes and goes. It feels like an unheard conversation even when we don’t get the joke. But when we are separated from our usual rotation of friends, family, and social activities, it feels like a different version.

Remember one thing: Human beings are a social animal, so if you are feeling lonely, you are not the only one.

Loneliness has its own merit. Isolation can make you understand a deeper understanding of yourselves and how to live better ultimately.

You are Not the Only One 

It’s not just you who feels lonely; in fact, loneliness affects everyone. In the hunter-gatherer days, loneliness was a way of telling us to rejoin the group; it’s basically a survival instinct.

But why something so ingrained in us has become so taboo to open up about.

It is because of societal pressures which put so much focus on the culture of positivity and exceptionalism. That we need to work to prove our worth to others and ourselves. With our focus on success and improvement and forward motion, we want to be extraordinary.

You should remind yourself that every single person feels lonely and there is nothing to be ashamed about. Once we realize this, we can loosen some of the expectations we put on ourselves and make space for growth.

By opening up, sharing about feelings and talking about loneliness with friends or family, you can make a difference to others as well.

Difference between Solitude and Loneliness

When you are alone, it doesn’t necessarily equate to being lonely. Most people use the words “solitude” and “loneliness” interchangeably. But solitude is a positive experience. Something, which we seek voluntarily. It is a ‘me time’ where you check in with yourselves and enjoy our own company.

Loneliness, on the other hand, isn’t usually something which you do not want. It’s a feeling which lets your mood down, but the feeling doesn’t have to be all-consuming.

Convert Loneliness into an Opportunity

Don’t let the emotion of loneliness dictate your life. Don’t see loneliness as “as a disruption to happiness”. When you sit in solitude with yourself, you can reckon with parts of yourselves. It is a great thing to do to take stock up of different things and how you want to live life. Engage yourself in loneliness by unlocking your creativity.

Know the Unknown

Learn to recognize uncomfortable feelings as they arise and reclaim some of their power. Sit with yourself to heal your wounds. Loneliness is a step for you to grow. It is uncomfortable, but it helps you know that ultimately its aim is to take you to a better place.

Make the most of it

Use time from your loneliness to take up solo activities. Either, it’s a hobby that you always wanted to take or a DIY spa to pamper yourself. Make a list of stimulating self-care opportunities that you can reference when you’re feeling blue: watch a movie, walk outdoors, cooking, painting or writing.

Use this time to think about who you might want to reconnect with. Loneliness helps in strengthening our relationships with others. Take out the phone and call that person, whom you haven’t talked to in a while.

At the end of the day, getting comfortable with loneliness won’t happen overnight. There will be days which will be harder, so check-in with your feelings from time to time. And remember, loneliness is one common thread that connects us all.


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