How strength training can help manage type 2 diabetes

How strength training can help manage type 2 diabetes

Exercise has many benefits from getting into shape to help regulating stress and anxiety, while everyone can benefit from regular exercise – a recent study suggests that strength training can help prevent and effectively manage type 2 Diabetes.

A recent study done with more than 4,600 adults who were at the risk of having type 2 diabetes found out that when the individuals practiced moderate strength training their risk of developing type 2 diabetes reduced by 32%. While for the individuals who had already been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, it has been found that strength training lead to high muscle mass which helped in combating insulin resistance.

Strength training tears up the muscle fibers apart and the process of rebuilding the muscle fibers requires energy which leads to burning glucose, this provides the body a way to burn glucose for fuel without additional insulin produced by pancreas or via injection or pump.

This is the first-time a study has been conducted to understand the relationship between muscle strength and cardiorespiratory fitness, and type 2 Diabetes.

It should be noted that strength training exercises are just one part of a well-rounded exercise routine. It is recommended that adults should get at least 20 mins of moderate-intensity aerobics exercise, four times a week along with strength training.

Check with your doctor before starting a strength training program as any form of exercise lowers the blood sugar level in the body, it is recommended to check your sugar before and after exercising to monitor the blood sugar level for the first few times and make the necessary adjustments.

Other factors such as smoking, alcohol consumption, obesity, poor diet, and blood pressure also play a key role in an individual’s risk of diabetes. To help prevent and manage diabetes effectively it is important to make necessary changes.

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