How People Are Helping Each Other During The Second Wave Of Covid-19

When the whole country is losing hope to have a better life or losing hope to have services which can help them and their family members to be fit again, there are some people who are trying to help each other in getting back the life of someone’s family member or a friend and trying to restore the faith in humanity. 

As the second wave of coronavirus is sweeping across the country, chaos, panic and crumbling healthcare infrastructure are being seen everywhere. People are dying due to the lack of injections, medicines, oxygen cylinder beds and other medical services. Some people are blaming the government for not arranging better services and some are blaming the medical staff. 

There are many who are losing hope for having a normal life once again. They are afraid that they will not get the required medical care when the need arises. However, there are many other who are trying to help each other in getting back to the normal life and trying to restore the faith in humanity. 

In the year 2020, we saw that so many people were trying to provide food to the poor people. Bollywood actor Sonu Sood took the first step to help people to go back to their home, and many other people started providing masks, money, food and transportation to help each other in this difficult time. Not only celebrities or rich people are doing that but we have seen the story of some auto drivers who are providing help with oxygen facilities in their auto and that is so free of cost.

Just like the year 2020, this year too we see people suffering from the same infection. However, this we came stronger and it gave no chance to people to go back anywhere. We have seen people helping each other to provide remdesivir injections, Oxygen beds, emergency beds, Oxygen cylinders and other medical services through social media platforms.

People have created WhatsApp groups in their city and states where they post-emergency cases and their requirements with the details of the patient and the members of those WhatsApp groups try to contact people to get help. The same is happening over Instagram and Twitter also. Many celebrities have been seen posting all these requirements to help the common public.

“My father was getting too low on oxygen and it was getting so hard to find one in the hospital so I asked some of my friends to help me, they posted the requirement in some WhatsApp groups and on their Twitter and I got one Oxygen Cylinder in the next two hours,” told Sharad Sinha.

“My friend was badly struck by the infection and because he is young so doctors were avoiding his admission to the hospital and were considering older people. His parents were old to struggle for bed and they started crying by losing hope to see their son alive. We posted all the details over WhatsApp status, on our Instagram story and we also tweeted. Within a minute there were so many retweets and replies over Twitter, Instagram and we received so many helping messages over WhatsApp and finally, after struggling for 5 hours we got one oxygen bed in one of the hospitals in Delhi only because of these helping groups” said Arun and Shruti.

There are so many doctors who are also trying to give free consultations over call and trying to help people by posting their videos of instructions for people. 

Dr. Parul M Sharma tweeted “Anyone who can’t afford covid consults, Please DM with phone numbers. I am dedicating a few hours morning and late evening for covid home management. Colleagues (anywhere in India) experienced in covid care please message if you are willing to take calls and help patients and their families” 

“In the middle of the night, after making numerous calls if you are able to get beds for the needy, oxygen for some people and save lives, I swear it’s a million times more satisfying than being a part of any 100 Crore film. We can’t sleep when people are in front of hospitals, waiting for bed” Tweeted Sonu Sood.

People are also circulating some important lists mentioned below:

For Remdesivir Injections: 

For free of cost oxygen you can contact: 

List for oxygen cylinders and providers:

You can find more details the same as above according to your cities. You just have to put one status on your story or tweet about it or also you can find a WhatsApp group in your city or state and join it via the link they send to you.

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