How Online Health Platforms Have Gained Popularity During Coronavirus Pandemic

Online platforms also enable better customization of benefits as well as the increased opportunity to offer a complete health ecosystem.

The coronavirus pandemic continues to have an adverse effect across the world. Several relaxations have been announced in phases by the government but following physical distancing norms remains the most essential defense from COVID-19 till the time we have effective vaccines. This is why countries like India are witnessing a positive trend of the surge in online health platforms.

According to Jayan Matthews, Co-founder and CPO at Vital, the pandemic has brought with it an incredible wave of digital adoption, boosting the acceptance and popularity of online platforms.

“People are presently not in favour of face-to-face interactions which has also steadily pushed the online purchase of health insurance. This renewed adoption of digital services means that a world of possibilities has emerged with respect to product designs, efficient underwriting processes, online policy management ecosystems, and auto adjudication engines in claims,” Matthews said.

Talking about the health insurance customers, he said that online platforms also enable better customization of benefits as well as the increased opportunity to offer a complete health ecosystem to such people.

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“Not to mention, digital distribution also makes way for faster scalability and increased adoption of insurance. This can be attested by the fact that the industry has witnessed a 3x upsurge in digital growth compared to the pre-pandemic times,” he added.

Below are excerpts of an e-mail interview with Jayan Matthews, who explains everything about the health and wellness marketplace.

How This Online Health Platform Works And What All Are The Options

Vital is a next-gen healthcare financing solution aiming to provide every health and wellness requirement of a consumer on a single platform. Bringing together a comprehensive health insurance cover for individuals and families, and a host of healthcare benefits like unlimited doctor consultations, pharmacy benefits and health checkups, we have created a complete health plan an individual would need today.

Adding to the plans’ accessibility is their monthly subscription format which makes it that much more affordable and a smart deductible option in our insurance covers which allow them to reduce their premiums by up to 70%.

We work with leading insurance providers to provide the best possible solution to the consumer based on his life stage and health condition i.e. specific plans designed for healthy individuals, individuals with pre-existing conditions such as diabetes & hypertension and even for individuals who have had cardiac ailments in the past.

Our platform also has a curated health and wellness marketplace, offering everything one might need to stay healthy or improve their overall health on a regular basis. Covering 10 categories – Consultations, Pharmacy, Diagnostics, Dental, Vision, Fitness, Nutrition, Maternity, Supplements & Personal Care, we have tied up with leading providers and brands on the market to offer exclusive prices. From skincare products and mental health consultations to IVF treatments and root canals, we have it all.

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We have tied up with leading brands like DocsApp, Betterlyf, Mamaearth, The Man company, Clove Dental, PeeSafe, Healthians, SRL Labs, 1mg, Fitternity,, and more on our marketplace.

Vital members are also given a dedicated care manager for any kind of assistance – be it filing claims, making bookings or appointments, or any queries. Nobody likes calling a toll free number or listening to pre-recorded messages anymore. We have significantly reduced the time consumed in addressing members’ issues and have turned it into a personalised experience with their dedicated account managers.

What Are The Limitations Of Such Online Platforms

Digital platforms are a great way to offer consumers primary services and access the best in healthcare, but this would in no way replace the need for direct care. Digital services, however, would enable a better allocation of the limited physical resources.

This would mean that an online treatment ecosystem would emerge for whom primary care would be adequate, while making way for a more efficient and faster distribution of physical resources for those who need intensive care.

For example, access to teleconsultation services from doctors can help those that only require primary medical advice to address their ailment, while those suffering more acute conditions can access the doctor at the clinic or hospital faster.

This ease of access will also facilitate more people accessing medical care at the right time, thus ensuring early detection and treatments and consequently avoiding many future complications.

Protection Plans That Are Not Heavy On Your Pocket

Our health plans offer a complete protection plan for families without going heavy on the pocket. At a time when health insurance has moved on from being low on the priority of financial planning to being one of the most important necessities in protecting one’s finances and enabling access to quality healthcare, we are aiming to offer a package that goes beyond vanilla insurance plans to actually help consumers stay healthy – mentally and physically – on a daily basis.

At Vital, we don’t just provide our members a handy financial resource for medical emergencies, but also a one-stop platform to maintain their overall health and wellness on a regular basis.

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