#HospitalsAreSafe: How Manipal Hospitals Has Been Able To Ensure Zero Serious Infections In These Challenging Times

To prevent infection within the hospitals located in hot spots, the union health ministry recently advised a clear demarcation between the out-patient clinics and the wards where patients are tested for Covid-19 and admitted.

Maintaining a zero serious infection at hospitals in this challenging time is not an easy task to accomplish. Everything from the air in the building to the people who work there can be potential carriers of contamination.

But, minimizing the number of healthcare-associated infections are primary concerns for any healthcare facility. More so, when the coronavirus outbreak is getting deadlier with each passing days.

Unlike the media reports, not all hospitals have become high risk areas. Some have put adequate facilities in place to prevent hospitals from becoming hotspots.

Manipal Hospitals is one such hospital which has been able to ensure zero serious infections in these challenging times. It has proved that making hospitals safe during the pandemic is difficult but not impossible. It has been able to achieve this feat because of the tremendous efforts put in by all of its staff.

Driven by “Safety Starts With Us’ motto, it has taken steps to sanitize each and every corner of all of its hospitals.

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