Hope Floats: Impact Guru Collects over 36 lakh for Indian Teacher with nCoV in China

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New Delhi, January 27-Preeti Maheshwari, Indian teacher who was hospitalised in China’s Shenzhen city after had contracted novel Coronavirus virus, which originated in the city of Wuhan in the central part of the country has been receiving huge financial help through crowdsource funding start-up ImpactGuru.

ImpactGuru connects monetary aid donors with the patients (or their relatives) under treatment for expensive and unaffordable illnesses through a public funding method known as crowdsourcing.

According to information gathered by Healthwire, The campaigner at ImpactGuru, for Preeti’s treatment funding is a certain Manish Thapa. To ensure Preeti’s continuous and successful treatment, his campaign, through ImpactGuru, has collected over 36 lakh rupees and counting through 1251 donors in just a matter of 10 days, reaffirming the faith in humanity and sensitivity towards a patient in dire need of help.

Preeti Maheshwari’s Story

In early January, Preeti complained of cold, sneezing and coughing which she took lightly but as her condition worsened, it soon became clear that she was suffering from streptococcal infection, an air-borne bacteria that spreads through sneezing and coughing and disguises like a common flu.

Preeti was immediately hospitalised on January 11 and her family were not prepared for the unexpected turn of events in the new year.

Financial Challenges

As Preeti is being kept sedated in the ICU and in isolation, her husband Anshuman Khowal has already spent about 20 Lakh Chinese Yuan (INR 2,05,47,377.28) on her treatment. The family at least needs another 10 Lakh Chinese Yuan (INR 1 crore+) for her ongoing treatment, according to details published about Preeti on ImpactGuru website.

Her husband, businessman in China, can only look at her through a glass wall-unable to hold her and reassure her that he will do whatever it takes to save her.

The couple are still Indian citizens, the family does not have a health insurance cover that can accommodate their medical needs in a foreign country. This is one of the reasons, arranging such a huge amount for Preeti’s treatment has become a concern for the family’, highlights ImpactGuru.

‘As Preeti is getting the best medical care in China, the magnitude of the expenses cannot be overlooked. Therefore, at this time, the family would value your assistance in keeping Preeti comfortable. Her treatment must continue without any interruption and your benevolent donations can make that happen’, reads the detailed story on the website.

Preeti’s Current Condition

Preeti is for now living on external machines- a ventilator for her lungs, oxygen support to regulate her breathing and dialysis for her kidneys. She has water on her lungs and her liver is also damaged by the fluid accumulation. In other words, Preeti is on live support and critical care. The doctors have put her on a symptomatic treatment for septic shock, multiple organ dysfunction syndrome and respiratory failure (Type 1).

Preeti’s family has received reassuration by the doctors at the hospital that once these symptoms are overcome, Preeti’s body would automatically fight the bacterial infection and recover. Preeti is already responding well to medication and was able to breathe on her own for hours at a stretch. However, the doctors are keeping her sedated so that the body can save its energy and recover at the earliest.

Preeti’s daughters aged 14 and 8 are waiting with bated breath for their mother’s return. Her husband waits at the hospital, expecting her to regain consciousness soon.

Even if each of us contribute even a small amount to Preeti’s treatment, we can see this daughter of India recuperate.

How to Contribute

A UPI transfer of donation from the donor’s bank account to Preeti Maheshwari’s bank account of the can be made.


Account number : 700701707078043- Account name : Preeti Maheshwari – [Impact Guru]- IFSC code : YESB0CMSNOC(The digit after B is Zero and the letter after N is O for Orange)ORFor UPI Transaction: [email protected]

Visit the url link here

https://www.impactguru.com/fundraiser/save-preeti-maheshwari?utm_source=ig&utm_medium=header&utm_campaign=trending to find out more on methods of donating for Preeti’s recovery.

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