Home Quarantined And Worrying For Fighting The Infection? Follow These Tips

There is one solution of having improvement from Covid-19 that is medicines prescribed by your doctor but what about the rest of the health, sometimes Covid patients go through breathing problems, sometimes they get a high fever and never stopping cough, sometimes they go through a low level of oxygen and sometimes just wonder when the body pain and weakness will go. 

We have reached the situation where almost in every colony there is one Covid patient trying to survive and be fit again. If you are down with Covid-19, and hearing all those negative news regarding the infection, it gets tough to stay focused on your health. You may also find it tough to keep up the hope of getting better or helping your family members to get better. 

Sometimes Covid patients go through breathing problems, sometimes they get a high fever and non-stop cough. Sometimes they go through a low level of oxygen and sometimes just wonder when the body pain and weakness will go. 

There are some home remediesfor Covid patient’s problems.

Some people denied admission to the hospital because of the shortage of Oxygen cylinders, medications and most importantly even a bed but they asked their doctors for some advice in case of any difficulty. First of all, it is very important for Covid patients to have a few things at home which you can grab from the market or ask anyone to do that for you which include:

  • Thermometer
  • Oximeter
  • BP machine
  • Sugar machine

It is very important to keep a check on your or your family member’s temperature to know if there are any improvements in fever or not. Once you get the fever your body becomes weaker and more vulnerable to other effects of covid infections. Keep a check on the oxygen level every now and then.

Normal oxygen level should be 95 or above, if you continuously having the low oxygen level and it drops to 90 or lower, do not panic. For instant result or to increase the oxygen level, lie down on your stomach and put three pillows, one to the face, one to your stomach and one above the knee. Make a pouch with camphor, 2 or 3 cloves and carom seeds and smell it while lying down on your stomach. This trick will increase the oxygen level in a few minutes. 

Also, it is recommended by doctors that no matter how sick you feel, you have to get up every 2-3 hours, take a small walk and breath. This will open up your lungs and will keep the oxygen level at its best. If you still feel uncomfortable breathing and your oxygen level goes down to 89 or lower do not hesitate in contacting your doctor immediately and rush to the hospital. 

Many people believe that they should not exercise while they are sick but during the Covid, it is recommended by doctors to try some breathing exercises in the morning so that it will open up your lungs which will help you with improvements. 

This disease is mostly about taking care of your lungs so do not forget to have steam at least 4 or 5 times a day, this will clear out your lungs and let them breathe the pure oxygen.

Sip hot drinks throughout the day and avoid drinking cold drinks at all because cold drink can ruin the effort you have made till now. Drink Golden milk every day and pour yourself 2-4 glasses or Kadha the whole day. Many Covid survivors in India also suggested having A bottle of Giloy juice with tulsi rus and drink it twice a day at least. 

Do not eat Market foods at all and avoid fried food as much as you can because in this time of recovery your body needs foods that can be digested easily and also provide you nutrition and energy eat green vegetables, pulse, rice, chapati, salad and fruits. Also as Indians, we have a habit of eating or including yogurt in our food but till the day you are fighting this infection, avoid having yogurt in your food. 

Many of our doctors are unavailable due to the daily rush of covid cases so in this case instead of panicking you should go for online consultation available at reasonable prices and go for the good rating apps that can suggest doctors or medicines to you. 

“If you haven’t received the vaccination yet or are living in a house with covid patients, you can have an antibiotic named Azithromycin if you feel sick and you can have Ivermectin 12 mg, if you don’t get 12 mg, you have 4 tabs of 4mg on day 1 and then take the tab again after 7 days”, suggests Dr. R Dayal.

There are many prescribed medicines and antibiotics. You can go for it but make sure you take the right medicine in the right amount and also do not jump to the conclusion of taking the medicine. First, consult your doctor and then take the medicines if you are feeling sick. 

It is seen in many patients that they are fighting with their body but are losing hopes and getting mental breakdowns by seeing the other patients. To avoid this situation, try meditation every day and let some positive thoughts enter your mind which will calm your nerves.

Avoid going out until it is too urgent because your immunity will take some time to repair. Keep the masks on, wash your hands frequently, sanitize your hands and stay safe until you have recovered completely.

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