How Continuum Care Solutions Can Transform Indian Healthcare System

The need for continuum care has already been created and felt with the current overload on the existing healthcare system in India and patients being more aware of their conditions.

Often patients need a level of medical care and rehabilitation that is difficult to get with home care. Some of them need continuous monitoring and non-invasive clinical intervention supervised by a doctor.

Patients who have undergone major surgery (total knee or hip replacement, CABG, craniotomy, spinal surgery), brain stroke (CVA), tracheostomy, chest drainage, or on portable assisted ventilation, need continuous monitoring and medical support.


Rajinish Menon – Founder & CEO – Sukino Healthcare, talks about Continuum Care., who need it the most.


What Is ‘Continuum Care’ And Why Is It Important?

Continuum care is an integrated system for out-of-hospital care. It guides and tracks patients through a comprehensive array of health services spanning all levels of intensity. The type of care can be categorized into recuperative, rehabilitative, and palliative, depending on the illness.

Sukino Healthcare has pioneered the concept of Continuum Care in India to revolutionize post-hospital care for patients who have been discharged but have not recovered optimally.

Patients with chronic and post-acute illness need to continue the prescribed treatment of the primary physician. This reduces the chances of relapses and re-visits to the hospital and helps complete the recovery cycle. Furthermore, It is beneficial for having a wide array of healthcare services under one umbrella to reduce the stress on patients and their families.

During Pandemic How Did Sukino Manage To Reach The Patient And Provide Them Care?

Our patients, both at our facility and their home, are treated with utmost precaution and care. We follow all safety, hygiene, and social distancing precautions as instructed by the government and health department. We deploy our ambulatory services for the transport of patients.

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought the need for respiratory rehabilitation to the forefront. Sukino’s respiratory distress rehabilitation program is for patients who require intensive care support even after being discharged. It is targeted towards people having respiratory disorders/issues like COPD, Asthma, Bronchitis, Post-Covid respiratory issues, respiratory distress syndrome, and sleep apnea. The rehabilitation is aimed at improving lung functionality, supporting oxygen weaning, increasing stamina, and decreasing breathlessness in patients.

We use Devices like Acapella and Flutter which play a major role in lung secretion clearance. We also use PowerBreaths that help in resistance training.

What Are The Services Provided By Sukino Healthcare To Patients With Chronic Ailments?

Sukino is India’s first comprehensive continuum care provider. We provide a range of services like Continuum care facilities and extended home care where the same treatment protocol of the primary physician is carried out.

Our service offerings are available for patients who suffer from chronic ailments. They include neurology, Oncology, Nephrology, Cardiology, Pulmonary, Ortho, and the most recent – post-Covid-19 respiratory rehab.

In A Country Like India Where People Are Not Very Familiar With Healthcare Service At Home, How Do You Create Awareness For The Same?

The need for continuum care has already been created and felt with the current overload on the existing healthcare system and patients being more aware of their conditions. This has initiated a ripple effect. The medical fraternity has started accepting this concept of care to enhance the overall health quotient. And more people are embracing this option. Hence, most of our patients come to us either through doctor or patient referrals. Additionally, we are in a process of educating people further through our various offline and online initiatives.

  • How Much Does Home Care Services Cost?

The expenses of homecare services vary and largely depend on the type and nature of ailment that a patient is suffering from. These factors decide the number of hours the designated caregiver spends with the patient and the associated medical devices needed to monitor the condition.

Sukino offers customized, affordable care packages based on the requirements of the patient. What needs to be considered here is that the presence of an experienced, certified caregiver reduces the overall chances of accidents, relapses, and consequent re-visits to the hospital which would mean more expenditure in the long run.

How Can One Get All The Services At Home?

Our home care services start from basic services like administering injections, wound management to set up a fully functional ICU at home. We go beyond providing certified, experienced nurses and caregivers and groom our staff to be companions to patients during their journey to recovery.

Sukino’s central team conducts a detailed patient assessment and constantly collaborates with the deployed nurse or caregiver to assist with all crucial patient requirements.

How Does Sukino Healthcare Provide A Patient With Better Care Than A Hospital?

We work as partners with hospitals and physicians. Our operational model at Sukino ensures the continuity of the treatment charted out by the primary physician by keeping the physician in the loop. This is the primary reason why most consultants prefer referring their patients to us. The onboarding process begins with a detailed assessment of the patient to facilitate a smooth transition and seamless service.

Post the initial assessment, the next course of action is discussed with the primary physician by our team of doctors and therapists to ensure that the treatment is executed as per plan. Each patient is provided with a 24/7 healthcare assistant based on their preference who makes them feel at home. A multidisciplinary round-the-clock team of doctors, ICU-trained nurses, therapists, caregivers, clinical dieticians, and psychologists work ceaselessly to make the patient and their families feel comfortable and informed.

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