Here Are The Bizarre Norms For Safe Sex In Australia Asking Couples To Stay 1.5 Metres Apart

Some of the suggestions include avoiding kissing and using dental dams during oral sex.

The pandemic of COVID-19 has changed almost every aspect of our personal and professional lives, but things still seem to have entered the privacy of your bedroom.

In Australia, health officials literally ask couples to keep a distance of 1.5 meters to follow what they call ‘COVID Safe Sex’.

The New South Wales, Australia, health website has put up COVID-19 protection recommendations relating to the bedroom in a bizarre creation.

The NSW health website has recommended in the recommendations that individuals maintain a physical distance of 1.5 meters during sex.

One of those suggestions is that the COVID-19 is not transmitted through sperm or vaginal fluid, but it does spread by droplets, which is why the guideline suggests preventing kissing.

The website notes that it is dangerous to have physical relationships with outsiders or strangers in COVID-19. They say you can still enjoy mutual masturbation with another person on their website, Play Healthy.

The site says, “The act of pleasuring yourself in front of a partner is one method of mutual masturbation.”

During oral sex, some of the recommendations include stopping kissing and using dental dams.

The guide also notes that it is highly important to wear masks use a “three-layer mask to cover your nose and mouth if you can.” Before and after use, couples are often encouraged to “wash sex toys.” And make sure, of course, that none of you has any symptoms!

However, the guidelines mention that if you have a physical relationship with someone who already lives with you, then you don’t need to worry. But those who have multiple partners should be vigilant.

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