Herbal Cigarettes and why it should be avoided

With the new wave of organic eating and healthy living, everyone is consciously moving towards the labels reading ‘herbal’ ‘organic’ and ‘all natural’ automatically linking it to good health but does everything reading organic and herbal really benefitting your health?

Gaurav Chhabra claims that the herbal cigarettes are created under the guidance of Ayurvedic doctor based on an ancient healing technique of inhaling herbs, and helps with cold, cough and to get rid of tobacco addiction without any side effects.

These herbal cigarettes are carefully prepared by rolling herbs like basil, lemongrass, peppermint leaves, rose petals and green tea leaves in a paper. The herbal cigarettes do not contain nicotine or tobacco.

However, according to the medical fraternity Tobacco is not the only thing that makes a cigarette hazardous to your health, anything which burns creates carbon compounds when smoked and releases black tar which is very harmful to the respiratory system. According to Dr. Arvind Krishnamurthy Herbal cigarettes contain significant amount of carbon monoxide and can lead to respiratory diseases.

Like E-cigarettes herbal cigarettes are also aims towards the younger crowd but the more worrisome part is that herbal cigarettes do not come with a warning sign on the packet which can we misleading as it is harmful for the respiratory health, as kids have lawful access to herbal cigarettes it is important to educate them on the same and discuss the harms caused by smoking even if it does not involve tobacco.

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