Help Prashant Gade To Make A Difference In The Life Of People Living Without Arms

Pankaj K. Choudhary

New Delhi: She was not just another 7-year-old girl. She was one of the many unfortunate people who had to live with missing arms. In 2016, a 23-year-old boy met her. Touched by her conditions, he wanted to help her. He had decided to gift prosthetic arms to her so that she could not suffer any more. But when he went to buy two prosthetic arms, he was shocked to hear the price. These artificial arms could only be bought by paying Rs 24 lakh to the company.

Price was not the only surprise for him. Until then, he was not aware that more than 40,000 Indians lose their arms every year. He was shocked to hear that 500,000 people are living with missing arms in India and out of which 85% of people can’t afford to buy the costly prosthetic arms.

Meet Prashant Gade who has set up Inali Foundation. His dream is to bring a difference in the life of people living without arms.

To help those who can’t buy expansive artificial arms, Prashant dropped his jobs and set up the foundation. Now, his foundation is helping those who are living without arms and don’t have any financial support.

He had done all the required research for creating affordable arms.  He knows many people suffer because they have lost their arms. But he also knows socio-economic conditions make their suffering worse. Often, they feel neglected, not getting the care they deserve.

Free electronic arms distribution camps, organize by the Inali Foundation in rural India, distribute the arms to people who need them. Supports have started coming from individuals and NGOs.

Prashant has created new designs of arms that are affordable. Now, you can help him distribute these arms to at least 500 people every year.

Why should you provide financial support to Prashant and his team?
  • Because his foundation provides arms for free.
  • Your support can help the foundation to arrange accommodation and food for those poor people who attend the camps every month.
  • His foundation also needs money to meet the travel expanses of people who have to reach camps, which will be mostly in rural areas.
  • His foundation needs to purchase many diagnostic tools that are not available in rural India.

Prashant and his team are collecting the information of the patients who are in need for the hands .

Details for direct bank transfer / UPI

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Virtual account name: Inali Foundation – Milaap
Account number: 8080811095064

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