Covaxin's Expanded Approval: Safeguarding Children Aged 6-12 Against COVID-19

Covaxin’s Expanded Approval: Safeguarding Children Aged 6-12 Against COVID-19

Covaxin’s Reach Expands to Younger Age Group

Amidst rising concerns over the surge in COVID-19 cases among children, Bharat Biotech International Ltd has achieved a significant milestone. Covaxin, the indigenous vaccine, has now received emergency use approval for children aged 6-12 years, extending its protective reach to a younger demographic.

Efficacy and Safety Validated in Pediatric Trials

The approval comes on the heels of successful trials conducted by Bharat Biotech between June and September 2021. The trials, focusing on children aged 6-12 years, underscored Covaxin’s robust safety profile, immunogenicity, and ability to evoke strong antibody responses.

Building on Previous Success

Covaxin had previously secured approval for children aged 12-18 years, reinforcing its position as a dependable defense against COVID-19. The vaccine’s efficacy in this age group was a precursor to its expansion, substantiated by data revealing impressive seroconversion rates post-second dose administration.

Chairman’s Perspective on the Achievement

Krishna Ella, Chairman and Managing Director of Bharat Biotech, expressed the significance of Covaxin’s versatility as a vaccine catering to both adults and children. The achievement marks a pivotal step in safeguarding the health of the younger population, offering them protection against the virus.

Commitment to Meeting Demand

Bharat Biotech’s assurance of readily available Covaxin doses, in vials and drug substance, reflects its commitment to address the growing demand. The company’s dedication to fulfilling the need for vaccines further solidifies its role in the nation’s fight against the pandemic.

Towards a Healthier Future

With Covaxin’s extended approval, the horizon for protecting children from COVID-19 broadens. Bharat Biotech’s commitment to continuous improvement and adherence to global regulatory standards underlines its dedication to ensuring vaccine safety and efficacy.

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