Health Ministry’s Telemedicine Service ESanjeevani Completes 9 Lakh Consultations

Telemedicine is a new modality for remote diagnosis and treatment of patients over the internet

In a landmark achievement, the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on Wednesday announced that its national telemedicine initiative eSanjeevani completed 9 lakh consultations on Wednesday.

According to the press release by Health Ministry, the top ten states with highest consultations through eSanjeevani and eSanjeevani Outpatient Department (OPD) platforms are Tamil Nadu (2,90,770), Uttar Pradesh (2,44,211), Kerala (60,401), Madhya Pradesh (57,569), Gujarat (52,571), Himachal Pradesh (48,187), Andhra Pradesh (37,681), Uttarakhand (29,146), Karnataka (26,906), and Maharashtra (10,903).

Telemedicine is a new modality for remote diagnosis and treatment of patients over the internet. eSanjeevani enables virtual meetings between the patients and doctors and specialists from geographically dispersed locations, through video conferencing that occurs in real-time.

At the end of these remote consultations, eSanjeevani generates an electronic prescription that can be used for sourcing medicines. In order to enable the delivery of outpatient services remotely during COVID-19 pandemic as many as 28 States have on-boarded the Ministry of Health’s eSanjeevani initiative. These states are aggressively working towards the long term enablement of telemedicine services, the press release stated.

To date, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has launched two variants of eSanjeevani namely – doctor to doctor (eSanjeevani AB-HWC) in the hub and spoke model and patient to doctor (eSanjeevaniOPD).

It has been one year now that eSanjeevani Ayushman Bharat-HWC was rolled out. Andhra Pradesh was the first state to roll out eSanjeevaniAB-HWC services in November 2019 and since then around 240 hubs and over 5000 spokes have been set up by various States. eSanjeevani AB-HWC has completed over 1,83,000 consultations.

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