Health Ministry Issues Fresh Advisory For Healthcare Workers Managing COVID, Non-COVID Areas In The Hospitals

The advisory pertains to the management of healthcare workers working in COVID and non-COVID areas of the hospitals.

Union Health Ministry has issued a fresh advisory for managing health care workers working in COVID & Non-COVID areas of the hospitals.

The advisory pertains to the management of healthcare workers working in COVID and non-COVID areas of the hospitals. The aim of the government is to provide guidance to the medical professionals on preventive measures, isolation and quarantine of health care functionaries as they are at increased risk of acquiring the COVID-19 disease if there is a breach in the personal protection while managing patients.

In its fresh advisory, the health ministry has directed the nodal officer or head of the department to form a sub-committee to assess the level of exposure and the risk as per assessment. “Thereafter taking the profile of such doctors, nursing officers and other health workers, a decision shall be taken by the nodal officer/head of the department (or his appointed sub-committee) for further period of one week,” stated the revised guidelines.

  • Healthcare workers in different settings of hospitals shall use PPEs appropriate to their risk profile
  • All healthcare workers have undergone training on Infection Prevention and Control and they are aware of common signs and symptoms, need for self-health monitoring and need for prompt reporting of such symptoms.
  • Provisions have been made for regular (thermal) screening of all hospital staff.
  • All healthcare workers managing COVID-19 cases are being provided with chemo-prophylaxis under medical supervision.
  • Provisions have been made for prompt reporting of breach of PPE by the hospital staff and follow up action.

Action for Healthcare Workers

  • Ensure that all preventive measures like frequent washing of hands/use of alcohol based hand sanitizer, respiratory etiquettes (using tissue/handkerchief while coughing or sneezing), etc. are followed at all times.
  • He/she shall use appropriate PPE at all times while on duty.
  • A buddy system to be followed to ensure that there is no breach in infection prevention control practices.
  • Any breach in PPE and exposure is immediately informed to the nodal officer/HoD of the
  • HCWs after leaving the patient care units (wards/OPDs/ICUs) at the doctor’s duty
    rooms/hostels/canteen or outside the HCF must follow social distancing and masking to prevent transmission to/acquiring infection from other HCWs who may be positive.
  • Pregnant/lactating mothers and immuno-compromised healthcare workers shall inform their medical condition to the hospital authorities for them to get posted only in non-Covid areas.

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