Health Ministry Asks States to Submit Report on E-Cigarettes Ban

New Delhi, January 8-All the states have been asked to submit a report on how far they have progressed in banning e-cigarettes since last December, when making, selling, importing and exporting e-cigarettes were banned under Prohibition of Electronic Cigarettes Act.

According to a report in Outlook, the states have been asked by the Union Health Ministry to report on the number of cases registered, stocks seized and number of traders who have deposited list of e-cigarettes in nearest police stations under various provisions of the Act which notified on December 5.

Under the act, making the production of e-cigarettes, import, export, transport, sale or advertisements of such “alternative” smoking devices were made a cognizable offence attracting jail term and fine.

Health Ministry chief secretary Preeti Sudan has written to all the states and UTs, including DGPs and DIGs, asking them to ensure effective implementation of provisions of the Act.

Along with that, instructions have also been issued to the states to involve police and other departments in taking proper action and organise a month-long drive to ensure complete ban on e-cigarettes, says the report.

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