Harsh Vardhan calls NMC giant step for country’s health; ignores protest

New Delhi: Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare Harsh Vardhan has assured the medical fraternity across the country that the NMC bill will be a boon for the nations and is just one of step among slew others to reform the health system of the nation.


Vardhan’s comments comes as the Lok Sabha, the lower house of the Parliament, passed the controversial National Medical Commission (NMC) bill on Monday despite severe opposition by the doctors.


“I want to ensure all the doctors in the country that the NMC Bill 2019 is among the biggest reforms of the health sector in the nation. This is an outcome of the Prime Minister’s strong vision for the country,” the minister said in a tweet.


Calling the reforms as much required, Vardhan said no previous government had taken such a tough decision for the health reform of the country.


“In a memo to health ministry, Delhi Medical Forum welcomes NMC Bill calling it a reformist and game changing legislation. No previous government had bothered to empower the medical education regulator to decide fees for medicakl courses. This is being done for the first time,” he said.


On Monday, nearly 5,000 doctors and other medical professionals to oppose the bill had marched from the All India Instutute of Medical Sciences to the Union Health Ministry situated at the Nirman Bhawan.


Later the participants also held a candle light march within the campus.


“The autonomy and pride of the entire medical fraternity has been surrendered to the whimps and a fancy of politicians and bureaucrats even as the Union Health Minister is doctor himself,” Amarinder Singh Malhi, the president of Resident Doctors Associaton of AIIMS, said.

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