Happy Holi 2022: Skincare Rituals During Holi For Men And Women

The colourful festival of Holi brings in the spirit of fun with family and friends.

The colourful play does involve the copious amount of color that gets retained on the skin and hair for a few days.

Ravina Jain, Founder & CEO, The Skin Story & The Beard Story

The colourful festival of Holi brings in the spirit of fun with family and friends. The colourful play does involve the copious amount of color that gets retained on the skin and hair for a few days. This can make the skin and hair dry and damage the skin follicles even days after the festivities are concluded. Hence it is advisable to take adequate preparation in following a sustainable skincare routine before getting the colors in the air.

Here are some crucial factors to remember as you prepare for Holi:

  1. Layering is crucial – Cleanse your face and massage ice cubes on it for 10-15 minutes before going out to play with colours. This reduces the size of your skin pores, making it difficult for colours to penetrate.
  2. Sunscreen is the holy grail of skincare : Because Holi is performed outside, the frequent exposure to harmful sun rays and pollutants can dehydrate your skin and leave you looking a shade darker.
  3. Getting your nails ready :It’s also important to pay attention to your nails, as here is where the colour settles and can enter the digestive system.Cut your nails to a short length. To prevent Holi colours from easily reaching the surface, women should use a dark colour nail paint while men can use a clear shade.
  4. Make sure your skin is adequately hydrated : Before Holi morning, use a nightly hydrating mask. The skin is dehydrated by chemicals and contaminants. The searing sun makes it much more difficult for parched skin.

Let us list a few do’s that will help us enjoy the color-filled festival without the worry of damaging our skin and hair:

Moisturize: Keep your skin moisturized at all times. Apply a light moisturizer that protects you from the harmful effects of colors and synthetic ingredients. Choose a moisturizer that is appropriate for your skin type and aids in moisture retention.

Hydrate: Hydrate your skin by using a good water-based toner to keep your skin nourished. It is best to use a clinically advised toner or a herbal toner for hydration.

Oiling: Applying oil on your skin and hair before the Holi celebration begins is always a good idea because it helps build a protective barrier that shields the skin from colors and also aids in their faster removal.

Scrub: Before you begin your final cleansing, do some research on DIY scrubbing to remove dead skin and any residual colors from the party.

Cleanse: To complete your skincare routine, use a good cleanser. Apply a natural mild cleanser and moisturizer to finish the process. If you experience any breakouts or boils as a result of sensitivity, wash them well and visit a dermatologist right away.

Prepare your skin by moisturizing and nourishing it before going out to play Holi. Ensure you apply sunblock creams and sunscreen generously. Choose a sunscreen that will keep you protected from the sun while you’re painting the skin with watercolors.

After playing Holi, it’s important to cleanse your skin. Double-cleanse to boost your regular cleansing practice and safeguard the integrity of your skin’s natural barrier. Use a two-in-one moisturizer/sunscreen and spray the mist throughout the day for a cooling impact. Use a root mask to protect your hair roots. Hair is most vulnerable to chemical reactions and hence can get dry faster if not taken care of. Avoid shampooing your hair the day prior to playing Holi. This will prevent excessive hair fall and ensure that your scalp retains its natural essential oils. Post Holi, avoid brushing or combing your hair to avoid hair breakage. Clean your hair well with plenty of water to remove any dried and hard colours. Use a gentle shampoo to moisturize your hair and scalp, as well as to calm any frizz caused by the colours. Finish off the process by using a conditioner to restore your hair’s natural shine and smoothness. By adapting these expert tips, you can build adequate shields and safeguarding measures that take care of your skin and hair while you get to enjoy the festival of colors fearlessly.

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