H1N1: Seven Students of a Kerela Higher Secondary School Test Positive, Govt. Asks Not to Panic

New Delhi, January 9-The lethal H1N1 (swine flu) virus has struck back by infecting seven students of Anayamkunnu higher secondary school in Kozhikode district, Kerela, after the report of the tests done on 176 persons, all from that school, who had reportedly caught fever on January 1, were out today.

Out of the 176 persons of the higher secondary school, who were tested on suspicion of having H1N1 after they complained of fever, there were 163 were students and 13 teachers. Following their complaint, their blood samples were tested and the virus was found in the blood stream of seven students.

The Manipal Institute of Virology, which conducted the tests, confirmed the reports. The blood samples were sent to the Institute by the health department at Kozhikode.

The Kerela government has said that appropriate measures are being taken in the wake of the development the spread of fever will soon be curtailed.

Kerela health minister KK Shailaja has told the public that there is nothing which should create a panic and a special medical team from the health department has been sent to the school to assess the situation. Any patient found critical will immediately be shifted to isolation wards. The minister has appealed to the public that they should strictly follow health department’s instructions in order to ensure they remain away from the grip of the virus.

According to reports, the symptoms exhibited by most of the students who were down with fever were high fever, throat pain, cough.

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