Importance Of Health Insurance In India

There are various benefits of health insurance, it is a good time to get a policy and add a safety net around yourself and your loved ones.

Health insurance cannot be completely understood without understanding the basics of healthcare. In the olden days, health was considered to be a ‘Divine Gift’ implying that illness was perceived to have been caused due to the sins committed by the concerned person.

It was Hippocrates who came up with the reasons behind the illness. According to him, illness is caused due to various factors like environmental sanitation, personal hygiene, and, in particular, balanced diets.

Over a period of time, modern medicine has evolved into a complex science and the goal of modern medicine is no longer mere treatment of sickness but includes prevention of disease, promotion of quality of life.

However, it is important to note that by Indian standards, healthcare is still expensive. For families and individuals who do not have medical insurance, the hospitalization or an accident cost can plunge even a relatively well-to-do family into debt. Hence, it is important for us to move towards health insurance for everyone.

If you too are unable to decide whether to invest in a health insurance policy or not, here are some health insurance essential points by Ravinder Kumar, Deputy Manager at The Oriental Insurance that you should know about-

  • Wide Range of Policies– Today, there is a wide range of policies for health insurance to cater to everyone’s needs. From individual plans, family floater plans, plans for people with pre-existing conditions, child plans, to even exclusive policies for seniors, you can now easily select a policy that best suits your health insurance needs.
  • Health-related Issues– Serious medical conditions such as diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, and stress-related disorders are getting so prevalent in the country that the need for comprehensive health insurance is at an all-time high.
  • Benefits for Young Buyers– If you start planning health insurance purchases early, you become eligible for better benefits than others at a low premium.
  • Cashless Claim– Today, many companies provide cashless treatments in the various hospital networks your insurer has collaborated with.

Health Insurance and Covid-19

The Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has mandated general and health insurance providers to offer health insurance for Covid-19 with common guidelines across the insurance industry.

“As thousands of people suffering from severe respiratory illness because of Covid and treatment of this sometimes can get very expensive. However, the plans like Corona Rakshak and Corona Kavach will not cover any other treatment that is unrelated to the Covid-19. If you wish to get insured against other common and critical ailments, you need to opt for a comprehensive health insurance plan”, he added.

So, before you buy the coronavirus insurance India is offering, it is vital to check all the facilities and the coverage provided so as to fulfill the requirements of the treatment.

In essence, the pandemic has made us realize how uncertainty, especially when you are mentally and physically exhausted can affect your life. There are various benefits of health insurance, it is a good time to get a policy and add a safety net around yourself and your loved ones.

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