Genes2Me Embarks On Manufacturing Complete Molecular Biology Product Range To Accelerate Research In Bioscience

Genes2Me aims to support sustainable Bioscience research in the subcontinent under the initiative of ‘Made in India’. The newly launched range contains highly efficient Fantom-DNA polymerase for precise amplification of target genes for gene-expression studies.

Genes2Me, a leading IVD Manufacturer and Genetic diagnostics Company has recently launched its molecular biology product range, to accelerate research in the field of Biosciences, at Medica Germany. The range contains high efficient Fantom-DNA polymerase for precise amplification of target genes for gene-expression studies.

Enzyme technology, Cloning, Next-generation sequencing, and polymerase chain reaction are among the Genes2me product categories (PCR). The Fantom High-Fidelity PCR DNA polymerase considerably improves the PCR test’s sensitivity, making it a viable cornerstone for cloning technology.

Genes2Me has been recognised as a reliable and leading firm for developing COVID-19 testing kits and now with its launch of a variety of products, the company is expanding its footprints in manufacturing molecular biology products.

Whereas molecular biology is essential for understanding perplexing interactions between molecules at the subcellular level, Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) greatly aids in the discovery of complex gene arrangements in species. Genes2me was inspired to build a suite of tools to facilitate NGS-based studies across the subcontinent and beyond after seeing a stunning use of NGS in Covid-19 research.

While talking about the benefits of the new product, Mr Neeraj Gupta, Founder and CEO, Genes2Me said, “ At Genes2Me, our experts are inspired to build indigenous goods as a result of the success and strength of information at molecular platforms, in order to support deeper understanding of pathology from genomes to molecular level. This range of products that we are launching will highly benefit the experts in uncovering the mysterious nature of molecules at genomic and subcellular level in order to understand the key underlying factors for pathogenesis and testing with great precision.”

Genes2Me is motivated to develop more promising molecular biology-relevant products under the space and is committed to accelerate research in the field of Bioscience.

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