Free Hepatitis B & C Screening Camp Organised By Fortis In Aligarh

Fortis Hospital, Noida, organized a free Hepatitis B & C screening camp in Aligarh, where over 55 people were examined. Its purpose was to raise awareness among the people of the city about the future complications of the condition and the treatment outcomes in case of early diagnosis.

Elimination of Hepatitis B and C remains difficlt despite significant advances in the treatment options.

Ahead of their exclusive OPD launch for Liver and kidney related ailments, which will start from 13th March 2020, doctors from Fortis Hospital Noida also conducted interactive sessions with the public, where free consultations were provided. The OPD will be functional on every 2nd Fridays each month at KK Hospital, Aligarh from 11 AM to 3 PM.

Five Types OF Hepatitis
  • There are 5 types of Hepatitis known as A, B, C, D and E.
  • A and E are water borne which spread through contaminated food or water.
  • Hepatitis B, C and D are blood borne and at last Hepatitis D causes infection only along with Hepatitis B.
Hepatitis B Remains A Major Concern

The major concern is being focused for Hepatitis B which can spread unknowingly from a mother who is infected to a new born child. Over 90% of new hepatitis B infections occur through mother–to–child transmission and during the early age of childhood. So it is mandatory to test a mother for Hepatitis B during pregnancy and take prevention after positive results.

Global Burden of Chronic Hepatitis
  • Globally, around 325 million people are living with chronic hepatitis B and that is becoming a prime reason for liver cancer and failure.
  • Among 11 countries, India stands fourth which carries almost 50% of the global burden of chronic hepatitis.
  • Inflammation of the liver (commonly known as hepatitis) can result from viral infection and as all the symptoms are nearly close enough, without a diagnostic test, it is impossible to differentiate.
Hepatitis is Widespread in India
  • Lack of regular check-up and diagnosis are the prime reasons for being undetected and sufferings.
  • The other reason includes people who have had tattoos, or injects drugs, unsafe blood transfusion and lack of universal hepatitis B immunization.

Alcohol is One of the Major Contributors to liver Dysfunction: Dr. Mukul Rastogi

“As the function of the liver is to help in digestion by producing proteins, enzymes and other substances, clear toxins from the body and generate energy from food. Any abnormality in the production of the components is a serious indication of an ailment that the liver is not functioning well. Alcohol is one of the major contributors to liver dysfunction in the long run and people must refrain from it as a preventive measure. In case suspecting an improper functioning of the liver, liver function test (LFT) may be done wherein a sample of blood is taken for analysis.” Said Dr. Mukul Rastogi, Additional Director, Gastroenterology and Hepatology Sciences, Fortis Hospital, Noida

The Hospital also organised an exclusive session for the hospital doctors on the impact of alcohol on liver, where over 50 doctors from the hospital participated.

“Now the major change has been achieved after introduction of vaccine for Hepatitis B which is a safe, affordable, and well tested too. The improvement area is visible in the case of Hepatitis B infection is among children group which is being reduced from 4.7% (before introduction of vaccine) to 1.3% in 2015 after introduction of vaccine. It is very much important for everyone to get vaccinated against Hepatitis B as it works as armor around you to protect from this killer viral infection”, added Dr Rastogi.

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