Fortis Escorts Hospital, Okhla, New Delhi Launches India’s First Elder Care Initiative

While primary care setting poses a challenge for the care of the geriatric population, Fortis Escorts Hospital, Okhla is the first tertiary care institution in the country to launch the ‘Age-Friendly Hospital Initiative, a project of Wellness Health & You’ for the wellbeing of elderly.

In order to keep the elderly motivated for active living and promote social inclusion for dignity of the elders, Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, Okhla, New Delhi, on March 1 had organised an exclusive ‘ELDERS BASANT MELA’ & through this initiative more than 350 elders’ lives were touched. The aim of the event was to celebrate Senior citizenship and bonding by multiple activities like – honouring couples celebrating their Diamond Wedding Anniversary (60 years of togetherness) and elders who have crossed the age of 85 years, including was Dr G. P. Seth father of Padma Shri & Padma Bhushan Dr Ashok Seth Chairman, Fortis Escorts Heart Institute. He is 96 years of age and active!

“With great pleasure and pride we would like to inform you that the focus of this program is to address the issues affecting quality of life and empower the elders too appropriately and adequately utilise the facilities of the institution to support them in tackling these issues. We intend to do this by becoming partners rather than just service providers. While prevalence and incidence of diseases as well as hospitalization rates are much higher in older people than the total population, the care of the elderly by themselves, for their health in the primary care setting or by society is largely seen as a neglected area.” Said Dr G S Grewal, Sr Consultant Elder Care Fortis Escorts Hospital, Chairman Wellness Health & You, President Elect IMA Delhi State (Delhi Medical Association).

The elders volunteered for a number of fun activities like singing, dancing, skits etc. under the theme ‘Learning is Fun’. The other highlights of the mela included medical quiz, testing the knowledge of the participants pertaining to the topic ‘common health issues afflicting elders’, the right answers won awards.


“The medical professionals have now started recognizing the aged as a separate social category needing special attention. But however, and whatever the Government of the day may plan it will NOT be able to reach each and every elder individually. Therefore, society will have to take up the responsibility of supporting the care givers and itself design interventions to promote and empower the elders to practice active ageing and plan their long-term care.” Added Dr Grewal.

The ‘Elder Care Program’ initiated by the Hospital is the first of its kind initiative to have an exclusive Elder Care OPD, which in a very short span of time have been able to win the confidence of the geriatric population of the area.

Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, Okhla, New Delhi, is actively collaborating with the AGE-FRIENDLY INDIA INITIATIVE, a concept of the WELLNESS HEALTH & YOU; a number of initiatives have been undertaken in this program; the NEIGHBOUTHOOD CONNECT CARD launched in December 2019, entitles the holder to a number of privileges and service facilities – like the Cardiac Sunday PHC & Evening OPDs, a series of ELDER CONNECT LECTURES, addressed by members of the FACULTY of the hospital on common health and life style issues concerning the elderly.


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