FORDA reminds health ministry for their long-standing demand

New Delhi: The Federation of Resident Doctors Association (FORDA) have reminded the Health Ministry regrading their long-standing demand of risk hazard allowances for doctors as they are the first responders and are not well compensated for the risk they face while catering to the people.

The organisation has written a letter to Health Minister Harsh Vardhan and requested him to consider their demands.

It was the first reminder to the ministry in 2020, as per the letter signed by its president Dr Shivaji Dev Barman, General Secretary Dr Joyutpal Biswas.

Besides, the FORDA has also demanded adequate medical coverage for the doctors who are involved in patient care and emergency, post exposure treatment should be made available for doctors who are treating the infected patients and sickness benefits during the period of medical treatment, isolation and quarantine.

The doctors have also sought for passing on of benefits to survivors of doctors if expired as a result of occupational hazards, adequate compensation and job security should be provided in case of disability while performing their duties.

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