Five Doctors From Karnataka Test Positive For COVID-19, Days After Receiving Vaccine Jab

The five doctors who tested positive for COVID-19 include those who had received Covidshield and Covaxin.

At the Chamarajanagar district hospital in Karnataka, five doctors tested positive for COVID-19 days after taking infection vaccines.

The five doctors who tested positive for COVID-19, according to local reports, included those who had obtained Covidshield and Covaxin.

The five doctors and two of their peers who have not taken the vaccine have so far tested positive.

According to medical officials, only one of the five doctors who have had moderate symptoms so far has been admitted to a hospital for treatment.

They also explained that there is little to do with the effectiveness of the jab when doctors test positive for COVID-19 after taking the vaccine.

Both Covishiled and Covaxin are two-dose vaccines to be taken 28 days apart and only after the second jab can the immune system kick in.

Both vaccine makers have also made it clear that it will take a few weeks after the second dose to make the recipient immune to the virus.

India launched the COVID-19 vaccination campaign on 16 January, starting with frontline health workers.

This means that it was administered a little over two weeks ago by the first recipients of the vaccine and they will have to wait a couple more days before they can take the second dose.

After the vaccination drive began, the jabs against COVID-19 were issued to over 37 lakh healthcare staff until Saturday.

Of the 37,06,157 beneficiaries, 4,63,793 were vaccinated in Uttar Pradesh, followed by Rajasthan at 3,26,745, Karnataka at 3,15,343, Madhya Pradesh at 2,73,872 and Maharashtra at 2,69,064, the highest number of people.

The Ministry noted that not only the one million goal but also the two million and three million marks in COVID-19 vaccination are reached by India as the fastest country.

Many other nations who had a head start, some as much as 40-50 days, have taken a long time to achieve these goals, he said.

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