‘Fitness Ki Dose, Adha Ghanta Roz’: PM Modi’s Fitness Mantra For The People

PM Modi introduced the nation to his latest slogan for a fit India, "With a little rule and a little hard work, you can always be healthy.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with fitness influencers and citizens in a nationwide “Fit India Dialogue” to celebrate the first anniversary of the Fit India Movement.

The online interaction saw fitness icons including cricket captain Virat Kohli, actor-model Milind Soman, nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar, Swami Shivadhyanam Saraswati, and other fitness influencers as part of the “Fit India Dialogue” to promote fitness and health.

The Fit India Movement has completed its one year at a time, of which we have had to spend almost 6 months under various restrictions. But the Fit India Movement has proved its influence and relevance in this corona period. Frankly, staying fit is not as difficult as some people think, said PM Modi.

PM introduced the nation to his latest slogan for a fit India, “With a little rule and a little hard work, you can always be healthy. ‘Fitness Ki Dose, Adha Ghanta Roz’ In this mantra, everyone’s health, everyone’s happiness is hidden. Be it yoga, or badminton, tennis, or football, karate or kabaddi, whatever you like, do at least 30 minutes daily.”

Speaking to Milind Soman who, at 55, PM Modi questioned: “Are you that old or is it something else, and referring to the former supermodel as ‘Made in India Milind’.”

Milind Soman said,  “Many ask me, are you 55? But walking for hundreds of kilometers was not a difficult task if one had the mental strength to do it. ‘Fitness knows no limit,’ he said.

Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar said, the secret to good health sticking to simple, home-made food. PM Narendra Modi told her that he tries to speak to his mother twice a week and whenever he calls her, she always asks him whether he is having ‘Haldi’ regularly.

Cricketer Virat Kohli highlighted the need for ‘fitness culture’. Kohli also spoke about good habits and how they help in recovery which the cricketer said affects the overall lifestyle.

With today’s lifestyle, we started eating junk food and our fitness levels fell. This needs to be corrected,” Virat Kohli added.

Swami Shivadhyanam Saraswati stressed the importance of yoga and discipline. When our mind is healed and healthy, only then our body remains healthy.

At the Fit India Dialogue, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke about the importance of mental health. The PM said the reverse of ‘A sound mind in a sound body’ also holds true.

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