First Ever Prime Mill In Delhi Makes Single-Visit Dentistry A Reality

The technology is known as CEREC, which stands for CEramic REConstruction which helps the doctor digitally scan your tooth/teeth which needs dental restoration

In today’s high paced day and age, time is of the essence. Whether you are a millennial or a corporate honcho or a proud mom, you have been haunted by tooth problems at some point in your life. And when tooth ache strikes, you want to end those moments of pain as quickly as possible.

Meraki Dental Studio is a state-of-the-art oral care studio in New Delhi, which has made a significant investment to bring the latest world-class technology in tooth care to its patrons so that they undergo procedures efficiently and do not have to come for multiple sittings.

The technology is known as CEREC, which stands for CEramic REConstruction which helps the doctor digitally scan your tooth/teeth which needs dental restoration. After that, a replacement restoration is designed right there and then, and finally the restoration is milled and executed during the same appointment. The technology has simplified emergency situations and will be a catalyst to promote medical tourism in India.

This innovative procedure has given rise to the concept of ‘Single Visit Dentistry’. “Teeth in an hour, a new smile in a day, single visit zirconia crown, porcelain veneers in a single day, now it is all possible at Meraki,” says Dr. Harleen Gandhi Kalsi, Founder, Meraki Dental Studio.

“With time increasingly becoming a rare commodity, our patrons are looking to eliminate multiple visits for a single procedure. We have now made this possible by bringing to you the most advanced technology which will provide single visit dentistry. To top it off, it will alleviate all your fears regarding any COVID contamination as the entire procedure will be performed in a hygienic environment and in front of your own eyes!!,” adds Dr. Harleen.

If you need a tooth crown, or want to get your fractured crown repaired, or need a new smile in a jiffy, then a CEREC dentist is just what you need. Patients benefit from single-visit restorations including crowns, inlays and on lays, bridges, implant crowns and veneers using this very high-tech piece of dental equipment. Patients no longer have to walk around with bulky and uncomfortable temporary crowns and are not required to make a second appointment for the final fitment and placement of the dental restoration.

“While many of us still perceive dental procedures to be painful and traumatic, dentistry has come a long way in recent years. In our practice of over a decade, we have always strived to provide painless, minimally invasive, and preventive dentistry to all our patients and are best known for our impeccable diagnosis and . Our foundation rests in integrating empathy with most advanced technologies and provide the ultimate Zen experience to our patrons,” concludes Dr. Harleen.

Here are some awesome recent case studies from Meraki Dental Studio:

Case Study – I

Who would want to capture once in a life time memories of wedding photographs with a broken tooth in front! No one, right?

But what does one do to fix it when the bride slips at home a day before her wedding and fractures her front tooth? Meraki solved this emergency for a young 29-year-old woman about to get married two days after this mishap happened. She entered the clinic with swollen eyes and stressed to the deepest core of her heart. Clueless, Ramya (name changed), was sobbing in an uncontrollable manner and running helter skelter as she stepped inside the clinic.

Her tooth was bleeding and she was in severe pain trying to pacify it by pressing her face hard with both hands. But to no relief. Veteran doctors at Meraki Dental Studio did an emergency root canal and with their in-house milling unit and digital scanner, they restored her smile within a day. This was the miracle of using the latest digital technology at Meraki. It was all possible on the same day and the bride-to-be walked to her wedding with the most beautiful smile and most importantly, zero pain.

Case Study – II

CEREC dentistry turned out to be a boon for a septuagenarian man, fragile and weak to an extent that every step for him was a curse. There was no way that he could visit any doctor for multiple sittings given his lean and meek body structure. He wasn’t able to chew properly due to failing dentition on one side of the teeth. Awarded doctors at Meraki successfully gave him multiple crowns in a single sitting. The process was quick, efficient and accurate. The impressions were made digitally and the prosthesis (crown/onlay/ veneer) was designed on the computer and prepared in-house by the milling machine. The accuracy was beyond belief and so was the happy smile on his shinning face.


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