FICCI Flo Kolkata Chapter Organises Transforming Lives – An Enlightening Session On Hepatology

Dr Rajiv Jalan in conversation with Dr Rupali Basu at FICCI Flo Kolkata Chapter’s ‘Transforming Lives’ session on Hepatology

FICCI Flo Kolkata chapter organised Transforming Lives, an informational and in-depth session on the human liver with Dr. Rajiv Jalan, Prof. of Hepatology at University College London, and a world-renowned hepatologist. During the session, he asked the viewers to “think about your liver as your jigri (your best friend), and take care of it”.

He also talked about two drugs being developed by his company, which are in the second phase of testing and will be rolled out soon, for liver-centric diseases.

Introducing Dr Rajiv Jalan and Dr Rupali Basu, MD & CEO of Woodland Multispeciality Hospital, Mrs. Sunira Chamaria, Chairperson, FICCI Flo Kolkata chapter, said, “Liver is not given the importance it deserves.”

Talking about his company, Yaqrit, Dr Jalan said they aim to provide end-to-end solutions for patients with advanced liver diseases, built around a deep and new understanding of the disease. The major reasons for developing a liver disease stated by Dr Jalan are alcohol, fat, and viruses, all of which can be controlled and contained with discipline, following healthy habits, and taking medication whenever necessary. Dr Jalan shared that “the liver is so important that if the liver stops functioning properly, consequently, other organs also start having problems. If the liver is healthy, the body remains healthy.”

Dr Jalan also shed light on types of liver diseases, a majority of which are treatable as long as they are diagnosed. “The only way to find out if you have a liver disease is to get regular liver scans and medical checkups just like your blood pressure, diabetes, and blood tests”, added Dr Jalan.

On being asked what made him move to London and not return to India, Jalan answered, “I never wanted to stay in the United Kingdom, I wanted to move to the United States and come back to India but there were constant setbacks and India was not ready at that time.”

The session concluded with a thank you note from Ms. Manjri Agarwal, Senior Vice Chairperson, FICCI Flo Kolkata chapter. She also thanked the FICCI Flo members, partners, event coordinators, and lead sponsor Damodar Ropeway and Infra Limited, along with other partners.

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