Faridabad Citizens To Benefit From The 15Minute Ambulance Services Launched By QRG Super Specialty Hospital

The ambulance equipped with life support systems to reach the patient within 15 minutes of calling. Tracking the location of the ambulance through live link becomes easy for the patient. QRG super-specialty Hospital is a prime hospital in the Marengo Asia Healthcare Hospital chain

QRG Super Specialty Hospital launched Faridabad NCR’s ‘first smart ambulance service’ with the aim of providing medical care to patients within 15 minutes keeping in mind the benefit of reaching the hospital in the ‘Golden Hour’ period during brain stroke, heart attack, road accident / trauma etc. With this facility the patient’s family will also be able to easily track the location of the ambulance through the live link shared by the hospital. This Advanced Life Support Ambulance is fully equipped with modern medical equipment like ventilators, oxygen cylinders, ECG, stretchers, spine boards, head immobilizers, eco-air splints, roller splints, suction pumps, syringe pumps, wheelchairs, intubation kits and emergency kits. Highly trained paramedics on board in the ambulance will be able to stabilize the condition of the patient immediately by providing adequate medical treatment as directed by the doctor. The ambulance was flagged off by the Deputy Commissioner Faridabad, Shri Jitender Yadav, IAS. The occasion also witnessed the presence of Dr Punita Hasija (President IMA Haryana State), Dr SC Agarwal (CMO Escorts Ltd), Dr Raajiv Singhal (Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Marengo Asia Healthcare) andShri Rajiv Goyal (Facility Director, QRG Super Specialty Hospital).

Deputy Commissioner Faridabad, Shri Jitender Yadav, IAS said, “it is very important for health services to be fast for a smart city like Faridabad. The smart ambulance service launched by QRG Super Specialty Hospital will prove to be a revolutionary initiative in the health services for the citizens of Faridabad.

Dr Raajiv Singhal, Managing Director & CEO, Marengo Asia Healthcare said, “We are aiming at making medical services seamlessly available to patients in our efforts to save more lives. In our services dedicated to ‘Patient First approach’, this ambulance service will play a crucial role towards our goal of achieving clinical excellence. We are focused on creating the similar setup within all hospitals in our network”.

Shri Rajiv Goyal, Facility Director, QRG Super Specialty Hospital said “During an emergency the first hour is very crucial for the patient also known as ‘Golden Hour’. It is important for the patient to reach any well-equipped hospital during this hour which can help save the lives of the patients by giving them effective and timely treatment”. Our 15-minute ambulance service is an important step in that direction. Our objective is to reduce mortality & morbidity in cases of heart attack, brain stroke and road traffic accidents. Currently, this service is available only in Faridabad city limits. People can avail this service by calling our dedicated toll-free number 1800 309 9999.








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