Factors Affecting Success And Failure Of IVF Process

Infertility has been rising day by day and IVF has become the most reliable treatment option for couples suffering from infertility

Dr Lakshmi Krishna Leela, Senior IVF Consultant, ART Fertility Clinics, India

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a blessing for couples desiring parenthood. Infertility has been rising day by day and IVF has become the most reliable treatment option for couples suffering from infertility. There are multiple reasons for increasing infertility like changing lifestyle, late marriages, changing diet, lack of awareness and social stigma attached to the process resulting in late consultation with IVF specialists.

The factors affecting the success and failure of IVF are broadly categorized into two segments – Couple related and treatment factors. It’s important to know these factors to identify them in earlier stages to optimize their impact. Some of the factors are mentioned below:

  • Age – There is a strong correlation between age and IVF success rate. Women below the age of 35 have more chances of success in comparison to women of higher age. Both the quantity and quality of eggs are impacted by age.
  • Role of fertility hormones –  Patients with a high level of FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormones) and low levels of AMH (Anti Mullerian Hormones) have more difficulty in conceiving.
  • Weight – Normal BMI increases chances of conception. Being overweight and underweight decreases the chances of conception.
  • Quality of eggs and sperms – The quality of eggs, sperms and embryos is very crucial for the success of an IVF treatment. Increasing age, bad lifestyle and addictions like smoking and alcohol have an effect on egg and sperm quality
  • Lifestyle – Habits such as smoking, alcohol consumption, excessive caffeine intake and recreational drugs has a negative effect on the success rate of IVF treatment for both male and female partner.
  • Duration of infertility – The longer a couple is married and unable to conceive, less are the chances for successful IVF, usually, the cause is unexplained infertility.
  • IVF clinic and experts – One should choose their IVF clinic and experts very carefully. No IVF process can be successful without the fully equipped labs, specialized experts, and highly trained embryologists. The lab mimics an artificial womb hence it must be well maintained and manned by a team of excellent professionals.
  • Technology – The better the technology the more are the chances of success of an IVF process. A process like PGT (Pre-Genetic Testing) can help in improving the success rates of IVF.

Taking care of all these factors helps couples struggling with infertility have a very good chance of fulfilling their dream of parenthood.



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