Facial Rejuvenation

Dr Kuldeep Singh, Senior Consultant – Plastic, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals.


As human life expectancy continues to rise, remembering to look after the health of our skin just as much as the rest of our bodies become ever more important. It’s no secret that as we grow older, one of the most visible signs of aging is often the condition of our skin. While you can’t stop the aging process, you can benefit from innovative anti-aging surgical and non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments. Non-surgical facial rejuvenation are surgical procedures on the face which help reverse the aging. People who suffer untimely appearance of changes in skin texture, pigmentation, etc. are the ones who generally undergo facial rejuvenation. Some of the effects of skin ageing are; changes in skin texture and pigmentation, roughness, dullness and much more.


So, if you have severe loose skin, you can opt for surgery like face lift, eyelid surgery, neck lift and opt for fat grafting but non-surgical means that you use non-surgical methods like therapy which tightens skin. You can have non-surgical methods like Botox like fillers or other energy based devices like lasers, creams to improve skin texture and pigmentation. For fine lines there is Botox and then for skin tightening there are devices like ulltherapy and some radio frequency devices and then you have one for volume loss you have fillers so these are all non-surgical things.


Non-surgical anti-aging treatment is the best to reverse ones age and have beautiful skin. A few of the most popular non-surgical procedures involve facial rejuvenation. People who suffer untimely appearance of changes in skin texture, pigmentation, etc. are the ones who generally undergo Facial rejuvenation.


Broadly there are two Benefits of facial rejuvenation; firstly, older people can benefit as it reverses or slows down the signs of aging; secondly, younger people benefit as features are enhanced. As we age , our facial expressions also change. People look sadder, angrier, more tired, duller, because everything is drooping down. After treatment you can look less sad, less angry, so you can improve that appearance. Also, the procedures are on-going treatments, as regular follow ups are required to maintain the skin texture.


Post skin care after surgery include – avoid stepping under the sun. Use a sunscreen after any injectable treatment you care for to prevent any infection, no massages for some time because it takes time to settle down, do turn up for regular follow ups and undergo touch-up procedures every one year or every six months, as per the requirement.

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