Eye makeup: Why Not Removing Eye Cosmetics Before Bedtime Can Be Disastrous For Your Vision

We all are aware that sleeping in makeup is bad for the skin and general health, whether skin or eye makeup

We all are aware that sleeping in makeup is bad for the skin and general health, whether it is skin or eye makeup. Our skin blooms when we keep it clean and unclogged.

Hence, when we are not careful about removing the foundation, concealer, and eyeshadow, we are putting our skin at risk of inflammation and breakout of acne etc.

The reason we wear makeup is to look good, so imagine waking up in the morning and looking into the mirror, and wishing that your skin looked brighter, that you should have cleansed the makeup before you hit the bed. But sometimes things might go much worse if you don’t remove your eye makeup.

According to Veterans Optometry Partners of America (VOPA), no matter how tired or busy you are or have been, you must never hit the sack until removing your makeup, particularly mascara. VOPA cautions that these concretions can erode the cornea, can cause eye pain and irritation, and, left untreated, may lead to blindness.

If you suffer such problems or any incident of pain or irritation after such a folly then you must see an ophthalmologist immediately.

Why would you risk your precious eyes ever?

  1. Irritation to cornea

2.Likelihood of infection

  1. Cosmetic issues

Meibomian gland dysfunction — also known as dry eye syndrome — is on the rise among women due to excess make-up of the eyes. Though not taken seriously, the condition leads to blepharitis, extreme blurred vision, explained Dr. Ritika Dhingra, Founder of The luxe Clinique.

Leaving Makeup On

Dr. Dhingra said, some makeups have non-toxic components, like glitter, that could cause an irritation, especially if it gets into your eyes while you’re sleeping.

We cannot stress this enough – remove your makeup at the end of the night before you sleep. Try not to fall asleep with any makeup on – especially anything near your eyes.


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