Eye Care During Holi

Dr Vanuli Bajpai, Ophthalmology, Manipal Hospitals Dwarka, Delhi 

Holi is a festival of colors, played with great enthusiasm and fervor, especially in this part of the country. But, sometimes the festival of joy cab take a downward turn if there is any injury to the eyes, or other parts of the body

Tips for eye care
  • Always use the best quality colours, preferably organic or home made colours. Avoid colours made from chemicals, dyes or paints, as these chemicals contain acids and alkalis which can damage the surface of the eyes, as well as the inside of the eyes
  • Be gentle while playing; make sure you take care to avoid the eyes of your friends or loved ones when you are applying colours
  • If colours enter the eyes- DO NOT PANIC and DO NOT RUB your eyes
  • Wash your eyes with copious amount of water, drinking water, if it is available, or tap water
  • Rubbing of eyes causes damage to the surface of the eyes due to the particles present in colours. So, DO NOT RUB
  • Instil some tear supplement eye drops if you have them at hand; they bring temporary relief to the eyes and do not have any side effects
  • Visit your Eye Specialist/ Ophthalmologist as soon as possible for the needed medical care
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