Extending Solidarity: Doceree Helps Cos Reach Doctors As Medical, Sales Reps Stay Indoors Amid Corona Lockdown

Coming to the aid of pharma, medical and healthcare companies amid coronavirus mayhem globally, US-based Doceree has said it will allow companies to advertise on its platforms for free and help them reach out to doctors uninterruptedly, an initiative taken to support them when their crucial workforce of medical and sales representatives are locked indoors.

Doceree, the world’s first Programmatic Advertising Exchange for marketing to Healthcare Professionals (HCPs), connects advertisers and publishers and allows products and services of the former to be marketed to doctors and HCPs on the latter’s platforms. The company will offer its services for free to advertisers and publishers in India and the US till April 30, or longer if lockdowns last.

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced on March 24 total lockdown across the country for 21 days (till April 14), and asked people to join hands in the fight against the pandemic.

Medical and sales representatives form a major chunk of the pharma and medical industry. Their job is vital as they keep the HCP community abreast about their company’s products — drugs, vaccines and medical equipment, among others and contribute significantly to the companies’ revenues.

“Grounding of such important workforce of medical and sales representatives because of corona outbreak is bound to deal a severe blow to the pharma and medical industry. These companies will also experience a visible dent in their revenues owing to this. When the entire community is coming together in these harsh times, we felt dutybound to do our bit and decided to offer our services for free to advertisers (pharma, medical and healthcare companies) and help them reach out to doctors uninterruptedly at this juncture,” said Dr. Harshit Jain, Founder and CEO, Doceree.

Corona virus has wreaked havoc globally, and the best possible solution in the absence of an effective drug or vaccine has turned out to be social distancing as a result of which countries are implementing lockdowns for days at a stretch to break the chain of transmission. Doceree, which has its presence in India and the US, will be offering its services for free at both the locations.

“We will continue supporting the businesses both in India and the US. Initially, we will be offering our services for free till April 30. However, if the lockdowns extend, so will our support,” added Dr Harshit.

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