Got Work From Home Fatigue? It’s Time To Try Face Yoga

The Shift to Working from Home: From Office Desks to Dining Tables

Since one last year, a majority of us are spending our time working from home. Our dining table has become our new office and the only travelling we are doing currently is from our room to the kitchen. Most people tend to binge more whilst working from home as compared to sitting in the office.

The Shift to Working from Home: From Office Desks to Dining Tables

To top all of this, our body experiences more fatigue during this time due to lack of fresh air, sunlight, and human interaction. However, staying active is very important not just for our physical well-being but also our mental health especially during these challenging times.

For boosting our overall mood, for getting better sleep quality, and for overall wellness, regular workouts positively impact our serotonin levels. Exercising regularly and flooding your body with these feel-good hormones help you battle depression, fatigue and regular cases of the “blah moments”.

Creating a proper routine for yourself is very imperative. You need to carve out time for your workout and have to plan all your other activities accordingly. If you practice the routine, you’ll gradually see how regular exercises increase your efficiency and productivity at work.

Sitting at a desk for hours tends to affect your neck, shoulders, back, etc. If you don’t have time for regular workouts then you must try facial yoga to relieve your fatigue while you are working.

Face Yoga: A Natural Path to Youthful Beauty and Vitality

“Face Yoga is very good; it gives youthful vitality to your face that makes you look younger and beautiful. We spend a lot of money on cosmetics and surgeries but they have their own side effects. Face yoga is a natural way to look beautiful, attractive and young. There are 85 beautiful exercises specially designed for our face, 30 exercises are for anti-aging and they all give you many benefits. During these work from home days, facial yoga really helps you to get rid of fatigue in no time,” said Mansi Gulati, Mrs. India Asia International 2015, and an international Yoga exponent, with experience for more than two decades.

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