Expert Emphasizes On Staying Prepared To Tackle Mucormycosis During COVID 19 Pandemic

India has recorded more than 45,000 cases of mucormycosis which majorly affects the eyes and the nose and at times the brain.

Dr. Ramit Singh Sambyal, general physician with experience as an emergency medicine specialist AT Metro Multispeciality Hospital

For nearly two years, the world has been grappling with COVID 19 and its associated complications and the most recent one being mucormycosis, a deadly fungal infection that has resurfaced stronger during the current COVID 19 pandemic.  India has recorded more than 45,000 cases of mucormycosis which majorly affects the eyes and the nose and at times the brain. This infection is known to strike nearly two weeks after recovering from COVID 19.

Mucormycosis majorly affects people undergoing medication for other health issues and has reduced capabilities to overcome environmental pathogenic attacks. The patients could have inhaled the air-bone fungal spores that affect their sinuses or lungs to a great extent.

New Delhi-based Dr. Ramit Singh Sambyal, a noted general physician and emergency medicine specialist states.’Mucormycosis is a deadly infection that requires immediate treatment to minimize the risk of fatalities and damage to eyes and nose’.

He emphasizes people to stay prepared with awareness regarding the symptoms of mucormycosis and comprehensive treatment of the same.  People need to recognize its early symptoms and seek medical treatment without delay.’

He further explains, ‘Patients recovering from COVID 19 with complaints of chest pain or respiratory issues, blurred vision, black discolouration over the bridge of the nose or palate, bloody vomit, an altered mental state need immediate medical attention, preferably hospitalization.’

A team of internal medicine specialists, neurologists, ENT specialists, dentists, biochemists, ophthalmologists, microbiologists, internal medicine specialists, and so on are required to handle mucormycosis patients.

The treatment protocol of mucormycosis focuses on controlling diabetes and preventing diabetic ketoacidosis, reduce dependency on steroids, removal of necrotic materials, maintaining systemic hydration, and other vital parameters of the patient.

The COVID 19 pandemic is ongoing and likely to stay for quite some time. The need of the hour is to protect oneself from being affected by it and its deadly complications.  Also, with rapidly developing variants, the COVID 19 presents itself as a tough challenge to the medical fraternity of all the countries in the world.

Better late than never, it is time for the world population to accept the ‘new normal’ of maintaining social distancing, wearing a mask when outdoors and also maintaining high levels of personal hygiene apart from being vaccinated.

People do have to realize that they need to build up their immunity levels and their resistance power. Also, as a healthy mind and body goes hand in hand, a positive mindset and good mental health have to be given utmost priority. In the end, it is the life that matters.


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