Exercising With Caution: Ways To Prevent Injury During Physical Activities

Regular exercise is good for your body and safe for most everyone.

Exercising may not be everyone’s cup of tea but exercising regularly and staying fit is recommended by health experts in order to reduce the risk of developing several health conditions like cardiovascular diseases, muscle problems, and bone issues. But all good things come with a price and one of the prices that people often have to pay while carrying out an enriching workout routine is the price of injuries.

However, sustaining injuries during exercise sessions is quite common and the intensity of the injuries can range from mild (joint pain, back pain, and sprains) to severe (ligament tears, dislocated bones and joints, and fractures).

“Exercise can be both pleasure and pain. Pleasure is when it gives your body the desired shape and fitness and pain is when exercise is not done with suitable precautions. The most important part is to warm up or cool down for 5-10 minutes before and after your regular exercise routine. Listen to your body while working out. It’s good to push yourself every day a bit more but not so much more to cause injury due to wear and tear. Even while exercising, rest your body for consistent effort. Use proper equipment and see the right technique of doing a particular posture to avoid strain. Hydrate well. Use well-fitting and sweat absorbent clothes with comfortable shoes during and after exercise. Try to work out in a well-ventilated area and gradually escalate your workout potential. Another important factor to remember here is that, let your body, not your mind decide how much to work out,” said Dr. Puneet Mishra – Additional Director – Orthopaedics,  Fortis Hospital Shalimar Bagh.

Regular exercise is good for your body and safe for most everyone. However, with any type of activity, there is a chance you can get hurt. Exercise injuries can range from strains and sprains to back pain.

With a little planning, you can prevent injury and stay safe during exercise.

Some of the most common causes of exercise injuries include:

  • Exercising before your body has warmed up
  • Repeating the same motion over and over again
  • Not having proper form for your exercise
  • Not resting in between workouts
  • Pushing your body too hard or too quickly
  • Doing an exercise that is too strenuous for your level of fitness
  • Not using proper equipment
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