Erectile Dysfunction: Know Its Causes And Prevention

Physical Intimacy is a crucial aspect of a relationship and disorders related to sexual wellness can result in animosity between two partners.

Dr. Dilip Dhanpal, Urologist At Apollo Spectra Hospital, Bangalore

Physical Intimacy is a crucial aspect of a relationship and disorders related to sexual wellness can result in animosity between two partners. Erectile dysfunction is a very common condition that affects men p worldwide. In simple words it means, the inability of an individual  to maintain or develop  an erection during sexual intercourse. Erectile Dysfunction can occur at any age but it is more common in older men.

When it comes to erectile dysfunction, mental health plays a crucial role because it affects even young men in their late teens and early twenties.Erectile Dysfunction can be temporary and can be caused by a variety of circumstances, including severe stress.. Persistent instances of inability to maintain an erection can be due to underlying health conditions and bad lifestyle habits.

In some cases, physical conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure can affect the blood flow to the penis resulting in erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction affects the self-esteem and self-confidence of both men and women but in different ways.

Another potential cause for erectile dysfunction and perhaps the most widely discussed topic is pornography. It can cause a detachment from real-life sexual arousal which can lead to P.I.E.D. (porn-induced erectile dysfunction). Many studies show that watching too much porn can create unrealistic expectations in the mind which results in dissatisfaction and inability to feel aroused in real life.

Prevention of Erectile Dysfunction

Reduce smoking – Tobacco contains harmful elements like nicotine, carbon monoxde and hydrocarbons which can cause the vessels in the body to constrict. This can lead to a disruption in blood supply to the reproductive organs and cause erectile dysfunction.

Exercise regularly – Physical activity is the key to avoiding a number of health diseases including Erectile Dysfunction. Working out makes the heart beat faster and creates a better blood flow through the body which is crucial for an erection.

Monitor Vascular Health – The arteries in the brain and heart can be damaged due to high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high blood sugar. This will also affect the arteries that lead to the penis increasing the risk of erectile dysfunction. Consult a doctor to check if the vascular system of your body is working smoothly and make lifestyle changes accordingly.

Reduce Alcohol intake – Chronic use of alcohol can lead to Erectile Dysfunction along with other sexual disorders like premature ejaculation and loss of interest in physical intimacy. Alcohol can also reduce the production of testosterone in a male body creating potential sexual disorders.

Strengthen the Pelvic Floor – During erection, a strong pelvic floor plays a crucial role. It helps in maintaining the erection by keeping the blood from leaving the penis. Include kegel exercises in the workout routine to build a strong pelvic floor.


Problems related to sexual wellness are often neglected till they reach an alarming stage. Sexual disorders can have adverse effects on the mental health of an individual as it creates distance between two partners. Having a satisfying sex life is an important aspect of any relationship and addressing any such symptoms is extremely important.





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