Elder Care: GRS India Launches TeleWellness Program to Provide Reliable Remote Support

GRSI aims to create an easily accessible and responsive elder care support system with TeleWellness Initiative.

Genesis Rehabilitation Services India (GRSI), a leading provider of Elder Care and Rehabilitation Services, today announced the launch of a TeleWellness Program to provide a reliable and comprehensive care support system.

GRSI aims to create an easily accessible and responsive elder care support system with TeleWellness Initiative. Home Care, Tele Consultation, Tele Emergency, Holistic Living, and Acute Care Management are key components of the Program.

Announcing the launch of the Program Nanki L Singh, CEO and MD of GRS India said, “ In post COVID period digital health can be a key enabler in building an easily accessible support system for the well being of seniors. Our Program aims to deliver accessible, comprehensive, high-quality, and affordable care. COVID-19 has inspired promising disruptions and increased the acceptability of digital healthcare solutions as a viable alternative to traditional healthcare delivery models.”

In India, the geriatric population has grown from 7.5% in 2001 to 8.6% in 2011 and may reach 20% by 2050. It is projected that by 2025 the aging population would count nearly 11% of the total population in India.

A higher prevalence of chronic diseases, physical disabilities, mental illnesses, and other co-morbidities among elders is a major concern. Provision of quality assured health-care services for the elderly population is a challenge that requires a comprehensive approach and strategies. The TeleWellness Program also aims to address supply-side infrastructure challenges by setting up set up a seamless, reliable, and competent remote infrastructure to help seniors meet their optimal wellness goals.

The world is collectively struggling with an unforeseen pandemic. Restriction on movement and other limitations amplified the problem of elders’ health and well being.  While there are a lot of other remote wellness programs available, GRSI has identified the need for a more seamless, well-designed, and compassionate one. The Program is powered by sophisticated technology, human intervention, and a reliable clinical network.

“Undeterred, uninterrupted, and undivided care and well-being of seniors are our topmost priorities. The approach to our Program services keeps the client at the center, and a constant human connection with a GRSI-certified Wellness Coach at the forefront. The Wellness Coach further acts as a conduit of care between the various healthcare professionals and our clients and their families,” added Nanki L Singh.

All Services including Home Care, Tele Consultation, Tele Emergency, Acute Care Management, and Holistic Living are focused on not only improving the well-being of seniors but also make them more empowered and motivated to live life to the fullest. The domains of wellness that the TeleWellness Program focuses on include physical activity, nutrition, intelligence, socialization, spirituality, occupation, emotion, and leisure. Individuals can avail of various TeleWellness packages based on their needs and requirements – whether it involves standard care or customized care.

About GRS India

Genesis Rehabilitation Services India (GRS India) was developed in 2019 as a strategic partnership with U.S. based Genesis HealthCare International with the goal to promote the health of aging adults in India with quality senior care. Through affiliation with Genesis HealthCare and its subsidiaries, GRS India is equipped with over 35 years of operational and clinical experience in post-acute health care, senior care, and rehabilitation.

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