Kamlesh Tripathi on his book ‘Gloom Behind the Smile’ in which he chronicled the 14 year long struggle of his son with cancer. 

Saiyed Danish Jamal

Lucknow, February 4: Meet Kamlesh Tripathi, who Runs NGO for Children with Cancer, After He Lost His Son 11 Years Ago.

Kamlesh Tripathi lost his younger son ‘Shravan’ in 2009. He was suffering from brain cancer. It was a long battle that he fought for fourteen years.

Since then he has become a Cancer activist. Through his ‘Trust—Shravan Charity Mission’ he serves poor children, suffering from life threatening diseases. He has been a senior corporate citizen, for more than three and a half decades, but now works for the noble cause.

He took up to writing to tell his long tale of agony, so that others could benefit. ‘Gloom behind the Smile’ his first book was published in 2011 and since then it has been catalogued in many prestigious libraries of the world such as, the Library of Congress, Washington DC; Ames Library, University of Minnesota, USA; Library of University of Chicago, Chicago University; Libraries and Archives of Canada; and the Library of Cancer Aid and Research Foundation, Mumbai. It has benefitted many cancer patients, their near and dear ones and even doctors and medical staff.

Healthwire spoke to Mr. Tripathi about his book on cancer.

Kamlesh Tripathi on his Books: ‘Gloom Behind a Smile’ and ‘Refractions, From the Prism of God’

“Let me tell you about two of my books that I have written about cancer. Both these books on child cancer patient.

The name of the first book is ‘Gloom Behind the Smile’.

This book is available on all online stores. It is archived in seven libraries of the United States, including the the Library of Congress and Harvard. It is also archived in the libraries of Canada and India.

This book has been endorsed by Mr Anand Mahindra, the chairman of Mahindra and Mahindra group. This book is also endorsed by His Excellency Mr Rupert Holborow, the New Zealand High Commissioner to India, by late Mr Rajan Nanda, chairman, Escorts Group; and Mr Prathap C Reddy Chairman, Apollo Hospitals.

This book is about my 14 year long journey, along with my family, who fought cancer while trying to cure my younger son. We ultimately failed in that but this book has given me a lot of passion and inspiration in life and it’s not a very dull book, it’s actually a very peppy book and if you read it you will get a lot of energy and you will know that cancer is not as grateful as it appears to be and you can successfully fight cancer.

The second book I have with me today is called, ‘Refractions, from the Prism of God.’ this book is on young cancer patient who was diagnosed thrice with cancer in his young age all the three cancer were of different kinds. This book has been endorsed by MS Preetha Reddy, Vice  Chairman, Apollo Hospital. This book is also available on online stores and I suggest that you read this book. I am reading here a few lines:

“There is a raging storm in each life which create ripples in every life but without it there isn’t a life and so be it. Storm touches the chord of every life.”

So friends, cancer is just like a storm, it will pass.”

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