Dr. Niranjan Naik, Director, Surgical Oncology, Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram.

4th February is observed as world cancer day every year so this is the day when we take a fortunately to spread about cancer. So cancer is on the rise, we all know that cancer is becoming a common disease day by day. One of the other person is getting cancer on an average.

So let’s see what are the early signs of cancer.

There is a mnemonic to remember the early signs of cancer and that is: C.A.U.T.I.O.N.

C is for change in bladder habits. If you have any change in your normal existing bowel bladder habit, like earlier you had a normal bowel bladder habit but now you have constipation aur increased frequency of stool or urination, it may be a symptom of cancer and one should go to a doctor if it happens that way.

Any sore that doesn’t heal for a long time or any wound that doesn’t heal it could be a symptom of cancer. so you have to be very careful because if anybody has any such kind of wood or anything like that then you should go for biopsy. Another sign could be any unusual bleeding or discharge. Any unusual bleeding in urine, motion, sputum or nasal bleeding or blood discharge from the nipple of the breast. if you feel you have any of the symptoms you should go to the doctor.

Also, any unusual discharge, for example ladies may have foul smelling discharge from vagina, that can be a sign of cervical cancer so if anybody has any such unusual discharge one should go to the doctor.

The next is any lump in breast or any other part of the body. If you see any lump developing in your body then you must get it investigated and if at all it is increasing faster in the body then you have all the more reason to visit a doctor.

Some people may have small lumps lying in the body for a very long time. They me not be necessarily cancerous even then one should go to a doctor.

Another symptom could be difficulty in swallowing or indigestion. For example if your having normal food earlier and now you have difficulty in swallowing the same food, it could be a symptom of cancer.

Any obvious change another word for mole like if any mole increases in size and the edges of the mole have become irregular and spreading aur any ward which is growing abnormally it could be a sign of cancer.

Last but not the least is any nagging cough or hoarseness or change in voice, you must have heard that if any cough is not getting healed in three to four weeks it could be tuberculosis, similarly, it can also be cancer. So in both the situation you should go to the doctor. Then any hoarseness in the voice is also symptom of cancer.

As you know that smoking, tobacco, alcohol consumption, lack of exercise and sedentary lifestyle increase the risk of cancer.

So one should try to lead a healthy life, reduce stress and exercise more, live your life with positive attitude with proper rest and proper sleep.

So with this you can save yourself from cancer to some extent.

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