Dr. B.S. Rajput speaks to Healthwire on Restoring Spinal Cord Functions Through Stem Cell Transplant

Spinal Cord injuries have always been a challenging thing to treat and with the
help of these stem cell and autologous, bone marrow mono nucleus cells, we have been able to treat a lot of patients in the last 10-20 years in India.

These patients who were bed ridden for 1-5 years, they regained their power over a period of time.

Even if partial recovery is there, that is helping a lot in getting them back to their job and improving their quality of life. With stem cell technique, we have fund that it is safe and effective and it is not causing any type of the side effects in these patients.

Even in the cases of the soldiers who are fighting at the war front, we have been able to restore in them motion again although they were bed-ridden when they came to us and it is very important to give back the mobility to a bed ridden patient.

(Dr. B.S. Rajput : Consultant Ortho-Oncology Surgeon, Liverpool, UK speaks to Healthwire on Restoring Spinal Cord )

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